Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aerial silks thus far...

I haven't blogged in ages, so I thought I would catch up a bit...I took the Beginning Aerial Silks class at Blue Lapis Light for about 5 weeks (it was 6 weeks but I started 1 week in) and learned a lot, did things I never thought I would be able to do.

Some of the highlights from the beginner class (anyone can learn!):


Bat hang

Double footlock split roll up (rolled up twice)

Hip key

Single leg lock with pointy toe (that's not the name of it!)

The class ended with an informal student (beg/int/adv) and teacher performance at the studio. Kim and I did a duo, which we had figured out and practiced the class before the performance. We both got a bit nervous, too. But it all went well. Everyone did really well, and it was a fun event.

Check out our duo:


I also got some stills from our practices and performances. More pictures to keep you entertained:

Bat hang


Double footlock split roll up

Single footlock pointy toe (you never know how the fabric is going to spin)

Double footlock split roll up in motion

Double foot lock split


Bow and Arrow

And this really really hard bit (arms!!!) at the end

The rest of the student and teacher performances, which are all awesome, can be found at the link below:
You Tube - aerial performances

I had a lot of fun with the performance, but I was glad it was over just as well. Got a little bit of butterflies. I'm fine with public speaking, but I have never performed in any sort of way..well, except 10th grade drama class which I did horribly at! So it was a new arena for me.

Since then, Blue Lapis Light has had open studio twice a week, where I can practice on the silks and have a good opportunity to learn new things. There are some things that I still need practice at -- coming out of the bat hang and the single footlock pirouette. But I have had a chance to learn a few new things...

This one...gets way harder as the session goes by!

I've signed up for the intermediate class, which starts Jan 12th. I am excited what else I could learn. I feel like I've learned so much already that I have no idea what would be next :)


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