Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Waketoberfest and MakerFaire

Waketoberfest had it's 10th year celebration last weekend. We made it for Saturday's daytime festivities. I didn't camp out this year because I just had way too much going on. Last year, I camped out and had a blast...but...got 0 sleep because of some people clinking and clanging in the middle of the night, cooking up a meal. And I forgot the earplugs. Well, maybe next year.

It was pretty cool...not as busy as it was last year. The water was waaaay lower, so travel from area to area was a bit longer...but we hopped onto Bret's tailgate anyways, so it didn't really matter. We saw the boat comp and stayed for most of the skate comp, but got sunned and heated out. I ended up with massive tanlines even though I used SPF 60. Geez. So we headed out early. Still a good time with good friends...but too bad we missed out on Chef Foletta's cooking...MMmmmmm!

We made it out to MakerFaire on Sunday. I missed last years because I was too cheap to pay for the entrance, even though I wanted to go. This year I decided..you know what...I'm going. I convinced Sean by saying that there were going to be robots and stuff he'd like, too. That, and the people watching would be good.

Art cars, crafty goodness, a giant mousetrap, and robots...was a good time. My friends Jennifer of Textile Fetish and Amy of Craft Chi were selling there wares, so we visited them for a bit. Had a walk around the Craft areas and the Make areas. But we had to cut it short because we something planned for the afternoon.

Well, here are some pictures to keep you entertained...

Tesla music show

Yep, hula hooping around my neck..the people behind me thought I was crazy..heard one say, "that must hurt...". Well, I stuck my arm up trying to bring it down to my waist and the thing knocked my nose and teeth around...that hurt a bit.

Mousetrap girls

Life sized mousetrap


rattlesnake bike

All in all, MakerFaire was a good time. Wish I could have stayed longer and explored more. Hopefully they'll keep Austin as one of their host cities!


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