Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Raley to concussion

Well, I must say that I had a first today, and not a good one at that! I've been working on some new tricks at TSR lately - switch krypt (raley with a 180) off of the wedge (a ramp), switch heelside frontside 360 off of the wedge, and fronthand grabs jumping over the iceberg...so far, I've landed 1 switch krypt, 0 360s, and 1 nose grab and 4 mellon grabs.

I've really been working on the krypts, especially since I landed one. One is a start...the one I landed was not big. So I hit the wedge on my last run of the day last week, and I got so much air..I flew..I didn't land it, didn't pull down hard enough. Crashed big time..crashed so hard that one foot flew out of one of my bindings, my wristband popped itself open, and one boob fell out of my top (nothing visible cause of the life vest). But I was laughing hysterically because I couldn't believe at how big of a raley I threw. The fall hurt a bit, but I have had worse falls. I was just so excited at the height I got from it.

And come today...I was having a good run...some nice grabs regular and switch off the iceberg and wedge..then I went for a backroll off the booter...landed it! I was excited and pumped up, so when I came around for the wedge, I decided to throw a switch krypt...holy shit, I remember launching off the wedge...I flew so high, higher than the one from last week...I didn't pull down the handle hard enough and I ate it HARD, and when I say hard, I mean knock me silly hard.

I landed so hard that I had a mild concussion. For about 15 minutes to 30 minutes after the fall, my memory is fuzzy. I felt like after the fall, which was a face first fall (LUCKILY I didn't black out!), I remember taking a huge gasp for air, and it's like my survival instincts kicked in...somehow, I managed to flip myself over on my back, struggled with it, I may have been groaning through the process...managed to take my bindings off my feet and swim to shore. The bank there is really high, and when I'm totally coherent, I have a hard time climbing over it. Well, I stood up at the bank, but was really wobbly..my balance was way off..couldn't really stand up straight. I have no freaking idea how I climbed over it. I think I debated on which way to walk (I always walk a certain way to get back to the launching spot). But I ended up walking the way I do..I think I waved to someone riding..maybe. I can't even remember how I got to the starting area. I saw the blue gate around the starting dock...my regular routine is to hang my board, take off my helmet and hang it on the gate, and take my vest off and hang it over the gate. Routine. I got there, and I was so confused. I didn't feel like it was the right place to put my stuff. But I hung my board, hung my helmet. Not my vest. I didn't feel like it was the right place..I was so confused.

I walked over to where Angie and I had put our stuff, and put my vest down on one of the chairs (which I don't remember doing that, either). Angie was riding, I think. So I went to sit over by Lauren, one of the girls I've seen riding there. I must have told her my story over and over, but I don't remember at all. Angie came back, I told her what happened, and she fed me some Aleve..I asked her if it's okay if I take that many, and she said something..but I vaguely remember that dialogue, too. After some water, sitting for a while, and talking it out some more, I finally started to come to, and felt much better.

I rested for a while longer, then like the irrational person I was, I went out and wakeboarded more...I was like..I won't do anything huge..I'll just get a feel for it. I know, I know, I should have stopped after the concussion. But actually, the adrenaline pump from riding made me feel better..my headaches were going away, and I was about 95% myself. Needless to say, when I said I wouldn't do anything huge...um...ended up landing 2 backrolls and almost a 360 (actually had the handle fully in my hand, just not the commitment).

All in all, other than the concussion, it was a good riding day...landed 3 out of 4 backrolls, had the handle on my three 360 attempts (1st one nosedived, 2nd and 3rd didn't commit fully), and got some nice floaty grabs.

Angie drove us back to Austin, and I picked up my car in Cuerny. I made it back home and IM'd Sean what happened. He headed on home and we decided it'd be best to go to the ER just in case. I did my research online, and the fact that I was coherent enough to understand the print made me think that it was a mild concussion and I'd be fine. But hopefully there won't be a next time...but if there is, maybe I'll have more sense to call it quits.

We went over to North Austin Medical, triaged, and checked in. The doc said I'd be fine and that tomorrow will be the worst. He was actually a nice guy, said that there have been quite a few wakeboarding injuries coming into the ER lately, and that he went out wakeboarding for the first time behind his friends boat and the driver ran over the rope and bent the prop. Doh!

What does this mean? Well, no more um..concussion activity for another 6 weeks, so that my brain can heel. Yep, every time you have a concussion, you have a brain injury. But that won't stop me from riding. I'll just lay off the raleys/krypts for a while. Um..if I ever get the cojones to even try them again. We'll see...


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