Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike news from the homefront

Ike powered into the Texas coast as a cat 2 hurricane last Saturday early morning, hitting Galveston dead on. Houston took a good beating, as it did 25 years before with Alicia.

It's been 5 days since landfall, and lots of Houston is still without power. My brother was extremely lucky and never lost power at all. They've got a commune at their place now. My mom has been without power. She's in one of the many unlucky zip codes that they believe won't get power until Tuesday at the soonest. Actually, there are many zip codes that are included in that.

I called her soon after the storm went through, and she was doing fine..just no power and hot. I called her today, still no power. But much cooler with the cold front that has blown through. She is keeping her spirits up through it...she was laughing about it, saying that last time she went through this (Alicia, a cat 3 in 1983), she had 3 small children [and a dog] in the mix. She has a gas stove, so can still cook, and can go out to a few stores that are open. And my brother and sister in law have been dropping off supplies every once in a while (they live a bit far, tho). Mom also said that it's been a 'neighbor help neighbor' situation, more of a small community effort to look out for each other [in such a large city, nevertheless]. I was relieved to hear that she's in good spirits about it.

Flashback: I vaguely remember Alicia in '83. I was only 6 years old, so my memories are pretty fuzzy. I do remember taped and boarded windows, no electricity (mom says for about a week or so)..we rode out the storm in our house. Our dog, BooBoo, had diarrhea by the back sliding door. Living by candle light, all sleeping in the same room, a bathtub full of water. I also remember that hurricane tracking map behind my the door of my parents' room. But that's about it...

I wish the best to my Houston/Galveston peeps, and anyone else affected and hope they either have their power back or their power comes back soon.


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