Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gone wenching!

Our friend Deb had a pirate themed birthday party at Chuck E Cheese last naturally, I had to whip up a costume. It turned out awesome. I'll definitely reuse this one for Halloween, so that way I don't have to stress over making a Halloween costume. I went as a pirate's wench, but the costume can be reused into..hmmm...a vampire, a goth chick, and I'm sure I could think of other stuff as well.

The party was, beer (although I didn't partake b/c of my concussion), one token games...what more could you ask for? Chuck E made an appearance as well, for the birthday girl to do the chicken dance. When you go up there, you're on the TV above..but it's made for children of say 3 ft height, so we got a good shot of Deb's (or whoever went up there) boob to crotch region. I'm convinced that Chuck E Cheese is made for kids and perverts! And Deb gave Chuck E Cheese a run for his money dancing with him. The grinding and spanking action caught him off guard at first, then he seemed to ease up a bit. It was hilarious, I laughed so much!

The games were good...a little bit of basketball, some fireman action, two gun shooting action, wave runner and 4 wheeler racing, and lots of skiball. Good stuff. I forgot to go up in the slide/playscape, though. I saw it and was going to do, it, but forgot by the end of the night.

There was a 2 beer limit per ID. Last call was strictly at 9pm. Basically, almost everyone from the party lined up at 9pm...since it was just past (we got ours at 9:04), the guy couldn't ring us up, so he gave it to us for free.

As for the costume front, one of Deb's friends was so impressed that he wants me to make him a bottom for Halloween and another said that I could be on Project Runway (which I watch religiously), but seriously, I'm not *that* least for Project Runway caliber.

I used a combination of 3 different patterns for inspiration: Simplicity #9966 (for the corset), #4015 (for the poofy skirt), and #8715 (for the blouse). And then I added my own innovations as they came to my head (namely, an underskirt to make the skirt poofy, a detachable back skirt that I could snap on to the bottom of the back and side of the corset, with the same material as the corset, to cover the back of the poofy skirt (I did that because the original skirt was way to poofy and I wanted to make it look good from the front), and a little thing I put at the top rim of my boots so that it matched my costume. It took me about 3 days (1 half day, 1 evening, and 1 full day) to make the costume. Sean didn't think I would pull it all off, but I tend to get my best mojo at the last minute.

It was fun making the costume. With every new sewing project, I seem to get better and better, pushing my creative limits. It was the first corset I had ever made, and I can pinpoint all the errors in it (as with anything I make, I get anal about it), but it turned out awesome.

Entire costume put together (5 separate pieces)

Corset and detachable back skirt with hidden snaps

Corset back details...I tried my best to pattern match the's a bit off, but close enough

Corset details..again, pattern matching the fabric so that it's like a mirror image..takes more time but looks way better if you do that

Corset front..I was too lazy to change the thread in the serger, so you can see my red thread on the inside of it..not a big deal

Corset and back skirt attached. The back skirt wraps around to the side

Corset and back skirt attached..shows inside of fabric, which looks pretty damn cool, too.


Blogger youngandwithit said...

You've got some mad sewing skills, lady!

1:11 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I like how you're all, "oh, I just whipped up this little thing" and then I scroll down and there are photos of this beautiful intricate costume. Ha!

8:12 PM  
Blogger textile_fetish said...

VERY impressive. It took me a bit to figure out who Deb was. How do you know her?

I need to get back to using patterns and make something for myself (then wear it - ha!).

Oh and yeah, Chuck E.. . .I've seen that big screen flashing cleavage shots during birthday parties.

7:30 PM  

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