Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hair today, gone, gone today!

I've been debating for a while...chop off all my locks...keep them...chop them off...keep them...

I think I look better with long hair. Plus, as I've gotten older, it has gotten nicer -- a nice wave to it and some ringlets sometimes. But the problem was that my hair, which was almost to my elbows, would become so tangled from boating and wakeboarding. So it was time...

Today, I went over and visited Sonya at Trendz Salon. I told her that I wanted my hair cut just below chin length. But I had no clue what kind of cut I wanted. Easy maintenance, some layers...


Since I wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love, she started out by rubber banding my hair, measuring it, then cutting it all off. Sonya shampooed my hair and massaged my head...good stuff. Then I decided to go for an off-center sweep, with some long bangs. Snip snip snip, then some styling later...and here's how it came out!

Since Sonya styled it, I can't guarantee that it'll look like that every day...but she did give me some tips on how to make it look good. As low maintenance as I can, that is!


Blogger Shonda Little said...

Very good. I think you look nice with the short 'do.

3:15 PM  

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