Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deck pics, home improvements

So the deck got done in 9 days. Pretty quick job. But since then, it has rained quite a bit. Black spots developed on the deck, randomly spotted, but kind of all over. And then the inspector came by and wanted a few things done. So it is not *completely* done yet. We had the deck guys come out and look at the black spots. He said that he'd have his deck stainer come by at some point and pressure wash it. Then after that, we'll have to seal it immediately (oil for this kind of wood). The subcontractor, who is supposed to fix the things the inspector doesn't agree with, is working on another deck right now. All it takes is about a days worth of work, but don't know when he'll come out.

But anyways, here are pics from the finished deck...

Our neighbors, Brad and Angela, donated the metal tiki torches and a tall table (not shown). But for now, we have very ghetto furniture. Two chairs and some colorful plastic tables. That's all we had from the deck before. So at some point, we'll have to invest in some nice furniture and a grill (nope, we don't even have a grill!). I'm feeling quite broke from expending my entire income this year on the deck. But fortunately, we didn't have to go in debt for it - could pay for it all out of our pockets. As for the other home improvements that we want to do...we may have to carry some debt for.

Next on the list of home improvements...
- Gutters -- we need them badly!!!
Outside the front door

- New fence -- open up our property to our actual property line. Just need someone to dig the holes and sink the posts..Brad and Sean can do the rest of the fence ($400-$500 labor for the posts alone)
Grey fence is our current fence. We own the land between the grey fence and the newer tan fence.

- Natural stone steps on the slope that goes by the bamboo (will have to hire someone to do that)
Cause there's no reasonable way to walk down the hill...

- Create a pathway downhill on the other side of the yard (should be able to do ourselves)

- Stone/pavestone landings on each side of the steps off the deck

- Improve drainage system -- The builder who built the house next door (same ones we had concrete and trash issues with...) built it so that the drainage would all drain in our sideyard. Bastards. We get a lake effect where our crepe myrtles grow, that then trickles (or in torrential rains, floods) downhill into the side of our backyard creating a waterfall over our temporary stone landing by one of the set of deck steps. That'll be a lot of work to do...
That's the builder's stupidity in routing the drainage right into our yard...a lake that's only a few feet away from our house

- Painting the hallway interiors of the house (hire someone for b/c of tall walls)

- Paint the guest bathroom upstairs (will do ourselves)

Well, with $129.81 to my name in my personal account, that means that we'll have to wait a while to do anything else. Good thing Sean is working! ;) Hoping to hear about another movie job in Sept...


Blogger Lawrence Winterburn said...

Great looking deck Marissa. The design compliments the house well and choosing tigerdeck will hold up against the dogs well.

My only concern with so many decks falling off houses is the connection to the house and bracing.

Using diagonal braces to connect the posts is a good method of securing deck footings to each other. Obviously you don't have to worry about frost, however we would likely dig a series of anchor footings about 3' off the wall in your case.

Keep in mind... this is not standard deck business techniques... just ideas if you find your deck is beginning to separate from your house at any time.

The builders did a pretty nice job of your deck.

Please make sure they put on hurricane clips or joist hangers at the wall plate connection and blocking across the joists at the middle of the span.

(likely what the building inspector asked for).

Definitely save up for the oil-- that is kiln dried materials and needs to be protected!


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