Thursday, August 07, 2008

Day 3 - Deck construction

Just a briefer...after day 3 of construction, they finished framing the 3rd and lowest tier of the deck. They also poured some of the concrete for the structural posts. It looks HUGE! Our slope is pretty steep, so there is a lot of space under the deck. We'll have to figure out something creative to do with it.

Here's the progress:

On a side note, rather than kenneling the dogs and spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars, we've been trying to wear them out every day. They get excited/anxious/protective when they see people near the house (front curtains have been torn down a few times, the curtain rod is bent!). So we'll wake up early in the morning and take the dogs for a walk. They'll pass out for a few hours. Then Belle will wake up, realize there are people working right behind her, and she will let out a loud Beagle howl. It gets the other dogs excited. I have to calm her down, then she passes out again. A few walks a day and they crash more. They're doing a lot better than I thought they would. Yay!

Passed out dogs = happy mom


Blogger Sarah said...

Wow, this deck is going to be awesome!

10:07 AM  
Blogger textile_fetish said...

Could you turn the area below the deck into a storage area for all your yard stuff? Or do you already have something like a shed? Or maybe you were thinking about one of those romantic spaces with massive, pillows, lanterns, a hammock, and gauzy drapes.

12:52 PM  
Blogger marisa said...

We were thinking of some sort of storage area. It would make use of that space. But we do have a shed already. We could hang some hammocks or romantic spaces with massive pillows, would probably get gross when (if) it rains!

2:31 PM  

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