Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Day 1 - Deck Construction

Alas, the wait is over. We have had plans for getting a new deck. The original deck was 10'x10'. It was small given the slope of our yard. We are contracting with Archadeck and having a 592sq ft, three tiered deck built out of tigerwood. And undertaking, yeah. Expensive, yeah. But it'll be well worth it. We'll have usuable outdoor space as well as a nice outdoor living/entertaining area. I originally wanted a second story deck and a 3rd story small platform (we live on top of a hill, and you can see pretty much 360 degrees around from the top of our roof). But we had to nix both the 2nd story and 3rd story platform. It was going to cost way too much.

Here's what the old deck looked like:

View of deck from second story window

We had the plans drawn up on May 22, 2008. However, the hold up occurred because our POA was more strict than what we imagined. They wanted a stamp from the county's engineering office. Archadeck had to draw up full on architectural/engineering plans and whatnot, then submit it to the county office. There are only 2 people who work there, and there's a backlog (Austin is a popular place to build even in a housing downturn). And then once they got the stamp, they had to present it to our POA's architectural review board, which only meets 2x a month. With stamps and approval from both parties, the deck construction started yesterday, Aug 4th. They say it will take about 2-3 weeks for building.


Link to large sized plans

Link to large 3D rendering of deck

We met with the guys from Archadeck yesterday morning for a pre-construction meeting. The carpenter and his helper came back after lunch to tear down the old deck and start on the framing of the new deck. They were only out for a few hours, but did quite a bit for that short time.

Deck destruction

End of day 1 of deck construction

All of the dogs were a bit confused

Today, they got an earlier start so a lot more will be done today. For starters, they found a Giant Red Headed Centipede by our water softener. I was a little creeped out, though. The carpenter trapped it and is going to take it home to his kids.

Giant Red Headed Centipede


Blogger youngandwithit said...

That deck is going to be sooooo nice! Minus the mean centipedes, of course.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Lawrence Winterburn said...

Cooool centipede.

You have a deck designer looking on in eager anticipation!


5:22 PM  

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