Friday, May 09, 2008

Diagnosis: Contact Dermatitis

My allergic skin reaction got worse today at work. We were cleaning up our area, with dust flying everywhere, and it flared up. I've got bumps all up my arms, and now a bit around my eyes, nose, and upper lip, and ear lobes. Now we've kind of come to the conclusion that it wasn't the liquid chemical spilled on me, but rather the fine powder from sanding the materials post-casting. Lucky me, sickly child.

So around 5, I went to our medic and talked to her. She wrote me up a form to take to an urgent care clinic to have it checked out (thankfully, work pays for it since it's under worker's comp). I was going to swing by the clinic after work, but Kit said to go ahead and go. So I went to the clinic in Bee Caves, since close to where I live. The clinic is really nice and new. I guess some things are nice living in a richy rich area. Not like some of the urgent care clinics I've been to in Austin! So anyways, the diagnosis is contact dermatitis. I got a cortizone shot in my ass, and they said it should start to clear up in about 2 days.

I took a nice hot oatmeal bath tonight, bought some kids strength benadryl (since the adult stuff kicks my ass for 3 days). I should be good to go. Work again in the morning, 6:30am!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A new kind of allergy :[

So I've been working at the movie studio as a prop maker for 2.5 weeks now. I've been making all sorts of stuff, working with hazardous materials every day. We're talking carcinogenic chemicals. It's just a matter of making things.

I use a respirator, face shield, eye protection, and go through what seems 20 pairs of gloves a day. But my arms are exposed. I've been mixing a lot of chemicals to make platics and to make rubber, as well as chemicals for silicone molding.

Two days ago, I developed some spots on my arm. More like a rash. Well, it is a rash (ie. contact dermatitis). I am having an allergic reaction to one of the chemicals I'm working with. I'm not 100% sure which one it is, but have an idea. There is a liquidy one that I mix by hand that gets a bit messy, and I'm suspecting that. Rashes on both my arms, mostly concentrated on my forearms, and a few itchy bumps on my biceps. Just one of the costs of making a movie. Chemicals...

I'm now carrying around hydrocortisone cream to help with the itching. But I came up with something creative...I'm going to use socks, cut off the toes, and put them over my arms as sleeves. They'll give a bit of protection. I ended up buying some funky socks to do that with.

You're probably wondering why I just don't wear a long sleeve shirt...well, we work in a non-air conditioned hangar, and it's getting hot out. So I think the sock sleeves will be the solution. Hopefully the rash will clear up soon!

As for the job, it's going well. I put in 70 hours last week, and am putting in 70 hours this week as well. The pay is incredible, more than I've gotten before. Work hard in the short term, save up money (since I have no social life right now). I was slated to work for 4 weeks. Then the other day, my boss asked me if I could stay on for longer. Of course, I said yes. But it is an unknown as to how long I'll be on the project. Which is fine with me. No worries.

I'm learning a lot. Making molds, making plastics, rubber, and using all sorts of power tools. Now it's inspiring me to do some woodworking! Well, not now, but maybe sometime down the road...