Friday, January 18, 2008

If only I were rich...

Good news! I've been accepted into the TEFL International program to take a month long course to get a certificate to teach English as a foreign language. Yay!

Now here's the tough part...finding accomodations. Since I'll be deep into my studies, I want somewhere quiet. The school recommended some hostels, but I want to stay far away from them for that month. So I have been looking for apartments to rent in Manuel Antonio. Unfortunately, it is a happening, touristy and expensive part of Costa Rica...

I've looked all over the internet and find places that cost more than our mortgage to rent for a month. Some cost more than our 2 mortgages combined per month!!! Now another tricky part -- if it's not listed, it is difficult to tell whether they are renting a place out per day/per week/per month. I see $50 for rent..I, that's not bad (thinking it's per week), but I've found many that are $50/day (OUCH!!!). Then I see $350 to rent..sweet, I could do $350 for the month. ends up being $350/week so times that by 4. Yeah, you get my drift.

I have found craigslist Costa Rica. I've responded to one ad -- it says $50. But I don't know if that means $50/night or $50/week. I'm scared...if it's $50/week, then I'm golden and can afford it. If it's $50/night..heck, I don't even spend that much in the US on a motel. Sheesh.

I'm looking forward to the trip and I'm sure will have a blast. But the problem is that Costa Rica is damn expensive. Or damn expensive compared to the way I'm used to traveling (I like to travel on a $20/day (or less) budget -- that includes accomodations, all meals, and transportation). So overall, the trip is going to cost more than I anticipated. I've found a few places where I can sleep in a hammock for $5/night. I don't exactly want to do that every night, but may have to do it for a few nights here and there to save on money.

My budget..I have no clue. The school program cost $1690, which...well...more than I make in a month here as a jeweler (yeah, it sucks). So it's costly if you think of it in those terms. Then I need to rent a place for about a month, which I am finding is going to be damn expensive, too.

What to do, what to do...I've put up one of my wakeboards for sale -- my 2006 CWB Sapphire 134 for $150. Anyone interested? ;) I'm working on some photo stuff for work, which will get me a little bit, too. But then I just blew $65 today on clothing (the program has a dress code -- I can't dress like the grotty backpacker that I am) and travel stuff. Not to mention that I have to pick up my malaria meds, which chances are, insurance won't cover. That'll be another $100ish. I'm kind of working backwards here...

Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it all out at some point! It's all an adventure anyways :)


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