Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 3 of construction trash communications...

So I left my number with the office manager of the builder next door yesterday via email. The supervisor of the site called and left a message on my phone today apologizing.

The work site is cleaner but still has things that can blow over. Well, I guess I'll just bitch to them whenever stuff blows over...

So nothing in my front yard today...yay!

However, this is what I found in my backyard on the side of our house. Mind you that this stuff has to make it over a 6 foot fence to get into our yard. Paper for the roof, I can understand. A big chunk of 1/2 inch thick wood -- um...has to be some pretty strong wind to carry it over. But the screws are what really piss me off. Not 1, not 2, but 3 screws where my dogs could step on them...

Yeah, I was livid. I called Chris (the supervisor) on his cell since he left his card on our door. He didn't sound to happy to hear from me. So I told him of the problem. He said, oh, is it okay if I go in your backyard and clean it up in the morning? I told him I already cleaned it up, emphasizing the screws being in the yard where my dogs could step on them...


Pictures of the trash in my backyard from today:

I ended up sending an email to the office manager of the builder - Nora, since I had been in previous communications with her and attached the photos as well.

Here's the email I sent:
Hi Nora,

The site looks much cleaner. Again, I thank you guys for your efforts. I received a message from Chris this morning and appreciate that as well.

In my backyard - side yard, I did find a few things of concern this evening -- a piece of roofing paper, a chunk of 1/2 inch wood (about 5 inches in diameter), and 3 loose screws. The screws were the main concern being that my dogs walk back there and may step on them. Just as much, we may step on them as well. I called Chris this evening about it - he said there was a lot of wind today, so he is aware of my findings (I've cleaned it out of my backyard-side yard because I do not want my dogs to step on the screws or wood).

I prefer to keep you in the email/communications loop so that you are aware of what is going on just as well.



Blogger textile_fetish said...

It's good you're getting something in terms of cooperation. I hope you have spare tires, too.

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