Sunday, January 27, 2008

Damn these allergies!

Ah..a nice warm, sunny winter day. Time to water the plants! I look over across the street and see a cloud erupting from a cedar tree. Holy shit. I was so happy to have a few days where I could semi-breathe and semi-taste food. That was not today...

I went back inside, went upstairs to my office to work on some things at my drafting table, which sits by three windows. I look out from the safe haven of the indoors. I see clouds of cedar pollen going through the air. Clouds. That is something that I have never physically witnessed before. I have seen pictures of it and didn't want to believe it. But now, surrounding the whole area, clouds of cedar pollen. My nostrils swell shut, my body dries out from snotting so much. My nose burns from the tissues I have had to rub against it. My eyes constantly itch and are red. Ugh.

I took 3 showers today. Hot showers are nice -- I can semi-breathe for a few minutes of the day. I was excited that I could actually close my mouth and not run out of breath.

It's apparent that the allergy shots are not working for cedar. The shots should take effect within 6 months to a year, and I've been on them for over a year now. I think I am going to discontinue them and just leave the central Texas area for 2 months out of the year, every winter. Short of moving away completely, that's the best solution I have. I have tried the old wives tales, I've tried immunology (shots). I'm convinced that nothing will work. Running away. I can handle that.

And thus I cannot wait till my plane leaves on Tuesday morning. I am ready to get away from these damned allergies!!!


Blogger textile_fetish said...

Oh no kidding! Hey, you could order some cute SARS masks. Or maybe they aren't as easy to find as they were a few years ago.

4:42 PM  

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