Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Construction trash - part 2

Continuing on my story from yesterday, I received this email today from the office manager of the homebuilder:


We are in receipt of your email regarding the trash blowing in your yard from the construction on .... Our superintendent C... has informed me that the trash has been picked up and the area cleaned up. I would like to talk to you, if you could please call me at ...-.... to discuss further or email your phone number.



It sounds like a good email, right? So I looked new trash in my yard. Maybe a few things that I overlooked yesterday in my mad trash pickup. However, the site is not totally cleaned up. There are still some loose trash items on the ground that are well capable of blowing over, despite what she stated that the trash had been picked up in the area.

Also, when I was having a look around, I saw my neighbor walking her dog, with a huge plastic sheeting, a plastic ring that goes around a box for packaging, and a plastic bag in her hand. I went to talk to her, and she said that they're getting trash, too. I told her of my efforts of sending a complaint to the builder, and said that she should feel free to as well. Builders should be responsible for the trash they create.

Here is the email I sent back to the office manager this evening:

Hi N...,

Good to hear from you. I do not have email access from work, so I just receive the email. I appreciate your effort to come to a quick resolution on this issue. No new trash in our yard today; however, the site still has some loose trash laying around that may blow over as evidenced by the attached photo from this evening (I circled a few things that have the potential of blowing over). I know you may not visit the construction sites, so I thought it would be important for you to see. Let's discuss this when you have a chance.

Here is my cell number: ...-....
If I am at work and do not answer the phone, please leave a message and I will get back with you. I may be working with heavy machinery or with a customer at the time.


And here is the picture I attached


Blogger youngandwithit said...

Kick their butt, Marisa! I can't imagine living next door to a construction zone. It's bad enough living in a neighborhood with so much construction, but right next door? Ick!

7:42 AM  

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