Friday, January 11, 2008

Canyon Creek Homes needs to take more care if they build so close to another homeowner - Part 4

Yes, that's right, I mentioned the name of the offender. Canyon Creek Homes. I'm not impressed at their care during construction in regards to their neighbors.

I am glad to say that today, there was 0 trash in my yard - front and back.

However, I have been sooooo focused on the trash situation that I overlooked something even more major -- 'damage' to our house due to their construction.

A few days ago when I was picking up construction trash from our backyard, I noticed that there was concrete stuck to our black weedblock plastic that we had put down earlier in the year. Concrete...hmm..that had to jump over a 6 foot fence. Given that it was stuck to the weedblock, it locked like it had splashed over from next door rather than dried first. It was wet and then dried to the weedblock. I said, whatever to that. Still wondering how concrete could splash over a 6 foot fence.

I had also cleaned out concrete chunks from our front yard-side yard as well.

Until today, I noticed...concrete splashes on the side of our house..yes, OUR house...

My first instinct - call Chris and tell him about it. But I get pretty flustered. He sounded oh so excited to talk to me I think I'm going to have Sean talk to him. I'll do the emails to Nora and Matt once we talk to Chris. Sean will have a look at it and see what kind of resolution we could come to on the concrete splatters. It can't be scratched off easily. So we'll see...

Thanks Caynon Creek Homes, thanks for your trash, and your concrete splashed on my house. Thanks a lot. Who knew that a home being built so close to you would be so troublesome...


Blogger lys said...

I read this the other day and thought of you just now...

Plus, I bet Sean's dad will have ideas of how to deal with them.

At least your complaints are legitimate. Our next door neighbors complained because they didn't like the color of the temp fence our contractor had put up, on *our* side of the permanent fence. Our contractor takes care not to damage their trees, don't dump trash in their yard, keep within legal construction hours... and the neighbors complain about the silver temp fence? This was after they had complained about other similarly petty things, and this was when we decided they could take a flying leap.

This is in contrast to our neighbor across the street, who has been amazing, and as a result, has gotten lots of free schwag as well as dirt and crushed rock for his garden.

6:15 PM  
Blogger youngandwithit said...

Grrrr... I would be pissed too. Good luck!

Are you sure they can build that close to your home/fence? We have a 5' building line in Austin.

7:31 AM  
Blogger marisa said...

Oh yeah, these are all legitimate. I wouldn't care so much if they did things properly. Also, they broke the contractors' hours today and started at 7:45am (Saturdays are 8-5).

Sean and I talked to Chris, the super this morning. The concrete guys are going to come out Monday and fix the side of our house. Sean also made a note to Chris that they started before the contrators' hours. We'll let this first time serve as a warning. Next time, we're reporting them -- it's a $200 fine for them.

As for the builder on the other side, Sean went and talked to him and said that the guy was genuinely nice. He's offered to push the rocks over and fill in our land with dirt (it's really slopey), which we'll probably consider. They're going to extend the fence, so all we'll need is the back side of the fence which will be much less money. We may ask that guy to see if he would like to be contracted to do some brush clearing/fencing...

9:55 AM  

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