Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ahhh..the joys of having new home construction 3 feet way from your property...

Well, I've been pretty quiet about it lately..lots more going on to life. But the update on the house next to us -- builder C --aka the lot we tried to buy but the builder wanted to charge $65,000 for what is valued as a $15,000 lot...

Well, we have a big two story house next door to us. And it is close. About 3 feet from our fence. I know we're close to our fence, but since we were here first, we got used to it. Plus the thought of possibly buying the lot next to us (before I knew a builder had his claws grasped all around it) made me feel allright.

So anyways, long story short, I used rocks to line our lot line in the front yard -- thinking it would be obvious. And so construction brings trash, and lots of it. I've been picking up trash about every day -- trash that ends up on my lot. This evening, I spend 30 minutes cleaning up trash. It was just...great.

I sent this friendly letter to Matt, the owner of the homebuilder company. I just needed to get this off my chest and get it out in public. I need to save up money and buy an acre of land somewhere for our next home sometime in the future...

Dear Matt,

I tried to send this email to inquiries@... (found on the Inquiries section of your website); however the email bounced back saying that the address is invalid. Please attend to this issue immediately.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Marisa
To: inquiries@
Sent: Tuesday, January 8, 2008 6:38:16 PM
Subject: new home construction on ...

To whom it may concern,

I am a neighbor to your home construction at ... in ...and have a growing concern. Almost every day, I come home to
find trash from your construction site in my front and backyards.
Previously, I have found a chopped down tree and lumber on my lot (which I've
chosen to disregard). However, the trash almost every day is becoming
more and more frustrating. I spent 30 minutes this evening cleaning
up both my front and backyards of your construction trash that has blown
into or somehow wound up in our yard. The trash varies from a
cigarette butt stuck to the plastic the carton came in (disgusting), green
thin foam-like construction materials, a mint from Sonic (found in my
backyard), round metallic discs used for roofing (I have had to clean up
many of those mostly in my backyard -- they have a sharp enough edge on
them that they may slice into my dogs' paws), Tyvek remnants,
construction material receipts from delivery(?), roofing material (the black stuff used on the roof), Trident chewing
gum wrapper, bits of a ketchup packet, many nails -- including *nails in
my backyard* where my dogs are free to run around - thankfully, they
have not stepped on any or ingested any, blue bits of plastic (looks
like drilled out scraps from pipe), pieces of wood from construction,
concrete chunks, thin bag-like plastic, a piece of cardboard, a substance
that looks to be caulking, etc.

While we understand that the wind can blow construction trash around,
we believe that your company should take proper steps to ensure that trash is
kept in a proper place as to not blow away or escape the receptacle (but first of all, it needs to be put *in* a receptacle rather than free on the lot to be blown around). As
for the trash that is most likely not blown by wind (ie nails and
concrete), a little more care would be good.

Please find a way to resolve this issue immediately. A few ways I have
thought of are as follows:
- Have your workers clean up the site on a daily basis and discard the
trash in a trash receptacle that has a proper lid.
- Put up a temporary construction fence between our lots (like the
construction fence at the back of your lot). That will at least trap the
trash that the wind carries. It will also show the working crew a
border which not to cross. I have a rock lined line which I thought would
be obvious, but after picking up multiple nails today (which could not
be carried by the wind) and concrete bits, I think that it may not be so obvious.

Maybe you can come up with better ways to resolve this issue.



Blogger lys said...

I'm surprised they didn't put up temp fencing all around the site before they started. You would think their insurance would require it, since not having it could open them to all sorts of liability issues.

4:43 PM  

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