Thursday, October 04, 2007

Spiders need love, too

Last night, Sean and I were working on landscaping around the bamboo plants. Once we were done, we headed back toward the deck. Our beagle was staring down a huge had to be the same one that I found in my boot the day before. She likes to eat bugs. And I'm sure by the shear size of this one, it looked mighty tasty! Sean yelled at her, so she didn't go for it. I ran inside and got a tupperware box.

I wanted to capture the tarantula for Sarah so that she could take pictures of it. She is fascinated by bugs of all kinds. Sean captured it. I didn't want to do anything with that part! Then we took him inside, drilled holes in the lid, then set him out on our front patio.

I took him to work today. Sarah did some more research, and found that it appears to be a male. Males do not have long lives. They're most likely in search for a mate. At the end of the day, we took him out..rather..Sarah took him out! She is a brave one, and had him crawl on her hand for a brief second. She took pictures of him, then got him back in the tupperware container. We decided that it would be best to release him back in the wild where he came from. So before we left work, we put in a moistened paper towel in the container for the ride home, so that he wouldn't get dehydrated.

I had Sean release him back in the wilderness of our yard. He put him in our side yard, rather than our backyard, so that our dog wouldn't eat him. Hopefully he'll have a happy life. So sorry to have traumatized him for the day. But I learned a lot about tarantulas and have a better appreciation of them now.


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That Sarah is adventurous!

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