Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our new Deere and dumpster

After the construction guy and the builder left the lot next door (builder T), I harnessed Bonnie up and took her for a walk and went to spy on the lot. It looks so naked, so odd. And a dumpster *full* of trees, limbs hanging out from it.

I walked to the cul-de-sac and talked to one of my neighbors. He'd been here since the mid 90's. Everything here was so cheap then, because it was so far. He said that that lot they're building on was once deemed unbuildable because of the slope and terrain. He thought about buying the lot back then for $700. Yeah, a mere $700. But said that he didn't because it wasn't buildable. Fast forward 13 years, and here it is being cleared. And lots, even 'unbuildable' lots are going for a premium.

He has the lot with his house on it and the lot next to it. He said that many builders have approached him and have made offers. But he refuses and likes the peace. I agreed with him, and was quite glad that he's hanging on to his other lot. He says that the deer live in his second lot. It's a mom and 2 babies. Most likely the ones that I had seen in the other lot next door (the one we wanted to buy -- builder C) and also at lot builder T as well. I told him, yeah, I'll miss the deer. But if they live there, then I know where I can see them.

So here are some pictures of the deforestation going on next to us...

This view used to be covered by the trees. I don't care so much for this view, I'd rather have the trees

That's our driveway, and our new neighbors, dumpster and Deere. That whole area used to be treed and wooded. It looks extremely naked now

View from my back patio. Lovely, eh? Well, I guess it's time to make curtains for our bedroom because we can see pretty much the same view...

Dumpster stuffed *full* of trees

So that's the latest from the home front. I'll have to come up with some creative landscaping ideas!


Blogger youngandwithit said...

I'm sorry, Marisa. That sucks. Do you have any idea what type of homes will be built on these lots? Hopefully they won't be huge monstrosities.

As for creative landscaping, well, you and me both. In fact, I am headed out today to look at trees. It is so sad that we do not have any large trees on our lot. This is the first time I have lived somewhere that is such a blank slate. I wish I could hire a landscape architect.

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