Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More lot clearing, the burning desire to landscape

After the first day of the lot clearing next door (builder T), I thought that would be all that was cleared. Boy was I wrong! Three more long days of intense deforestation went on. Now, it is a barren land with a few trees. And I have a great view of it all!

My view of the cleared lot -- from my back patio. Unfortunately, there will most likely be a house right smack in that cleared area

Long story short, I had a friend resurvey my land, find the corners, then I strung up green string in the back, where we own the land. Before, the contractor looked like he was clearing anything in the way, and was pushing all rocks down hill. A huge boulder was pushed over to my lot, by a few feet. Which is fine, because I like that boulder...I'll take it! But it just made me realize that the contractor doesn't care.

Boulder before -- note it's position in regards to the edge of the fence

Boulder after it was obviously pushed over. To the right of the green string is our land

To protect my own property and to prevent headaches for the builders, I strung the green string. I think it's worked so far. Last night, I came home to check out the scene. And there is a ton of huge rocks shoved down the hill -- outside of the green string. It serves as a visible landmark for the contractor. Plus, I'm sure he knows that we're keeping a close eye on his work. I'm sure he doesn't want to get in trouble.

I was extremely surprised at how many trees they cleared off the land. Counting 2 full dumpsters so far. So I missed the greenery and wanted some back. I planted 3 crepe myrtles on the side where the lot is being cleared. Lowe's had them for $3.33 each, and I couldn't resist. They are babies right now, really small, but give them time and they'll grow. I'll have to do some more creative landscaping on that side of the yard...I haven't quite figured out the rest yet.

On the other side of the house, where they will clear the land at some point in the near future (builder C), I planted 5 crepe myrtles tonight. They are next to our front patio and next to the house. It'll hopefully help screen out ugly construction from our front patio. They're also small. But I felt so accomplished to get them planted within the first year of living here (first 3 months, actually!).

Big crepe myrtle (came with the house) and baby crepe myrtles on side of house next to builder C

I want to plant some fast growing trees of some sort in the backyard on the side of builder T. It's nice to have privacy, especially since there will be a ton of house construction workers soon enough. But I'm sure the trees won't be that big during the construction time. Big trees cost a lot of money, plus to have them planted for you costs a lot of money as well. Plus, I have to take into consideration the allergy factor, which rules out the following: Ash, Sycamore, Mulberry, Oak, Elm, Mesquite, Pecan...what's left? not much...chances are, I'll have to plant something I'm allergic to (we're surrounded by Mountain Cedar anyways...). Just what to plant is the question...

So it's been pretty hectic around here, keeping busy digging holes, breaking rocks with a pickaxe, and planting after work. Not to mention the curtains I made for the bedroom. We've got a view of the tractor thing on the lot next door, which means you can pretty much see everything. No privacy. No more walking around naked. But now we have curtains, so we can go back to 'normal' life. We also painted the guest bedroom in anticipation of guests. Not to mention still working on the old house...

On the bright side, my little hibiscus plant had a flower that had another flower growth on it!


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