Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Clumping bamboo it is!

I had planted 8 crepe myrtles over the past few days to put some greenery and color into the side yards. The biggest question to address would be what to plant along the fence where the lot is cleared. We'll have a clear view of the construction and the house that will be built there. Do we really want to see someone else's house? No.

I was watering in some of the plants that we just put in the ground, and my neighbor passed by with his dog. We chatted a bit, and he said that he wanted to plant bamboo. That got me kick started again into thinking bamboo. So we talked a bit about bamboo.

After I was done watering, I went to my back patio, looked along the fence and at the cleared lot. I guestimated and thought that we'd need bamboo that grew to *at least* 20 feet tall because of the slope in the yard. I talked to Sean about it, and he okayed it. We agreed to look for clumping bamboo that grows from around 20 feet to 40 feet tall. That would be a good screen from the neighbors.

Of course, it won't be instantly tall. We'll have to buy small plants since bamboo is expensive and we'd need many it may take a while to be screened from our neighbors. So we'll still see the construction, I'm sure.

I'm on the hunt for the right species of bamboo...


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