Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bamboo landscaping

We received our shipment of Bambusa Tuldoides (Punting Pole Bamboo) from Bamboo Texas on Thursday. I was pretty excited and ready to plant them right away. I called Sean and told him to pick up some cow manure (not something a girl normally asks for...) on his way home. I went ahead and unpacked the plants, misted the leaves, and wet the rootball, then waited for Sean to get home.

We planted on into the night, since the days are getting shorter. The light from our back patio was all we had. We both slid downhill a few times. It's a tricky slope. And when we were done mulching, I watered the plants and called it a day.

We had another bamboo plant that I wanted to plant behind the fence on our property, but we had to wait since we had to take out a few pickets to get there.

Last night, we were pretty pooped, so we decided to our once a week date night, pick up some supplies from Home Depot and Lowes, then went to La Feria in Bee Cave. My friend, Julie and her husband Andy were coming up from Houston to stay for the night, so we didn't want to do anything too intense.

But today, we worked quite a bit on the backyard. Sean went to the old house this morning to pick up some things. I popped out two pickets of the fence to get to the other side, then dug a hole and planted the sixth bamboo plant. I saw that the mulch from plants on the slope had slid downhill, so on this one, I used some rocks I found and built a little retaining wall for the mulch.

My idea/plan is to terrace for the bamboo plants themselves, even out the slope a bit so that it's not so extreme, put down a grass barrier on the edges, put down weedcloth, use gravel and rocks as landscaping, then cut out chunks of land/dirt to make stairs where I'll use stone. That way, you'll be able to walk down the hill rather than sketchily slide down hill.

I ran over to Home Depot to buy a staple gun and staples for putting the reed shade against the fence and to buy topsoil. We frequent HD so much that a lot of their staff know us, so I said hello to one of the cashiers we see all the time.

Long story short, we were really productive today. I put down the grass barrier next to the fence, filled in some dirt; built a mound for a retaining wall around 1 plant (only enough time to do 1!), put some weed cloth down around it, used rocks to build a retaining wall; Sean weedwacked the back yard; and we put up the reed shade along the fence. By that time, it was already past 7pm and we had been rained on a few times throughout the day.

Retaining wall

Reed fence up - A little hard to see the bamboo plants since they're still small, but hopefully they'll do well!

So far, it looks really good. There is still tons of work to do in the whole scheme of things, but we made really good progress today alone.

PS. Here's a before picture of the backyard...


Blogger youngandwithit said...

Yay! Grow bamboo! Now we can both sing the "Grow Bamboo, Grow!" mantra.

One of our bamboo plants is really full and big and round and the other is kind of skinny, thanks in large part to Callie eating off of the plant!

6:27 AM  

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