Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ah, the joys of home ownership in a hot area have begun (extreme sarcasm there)...

So as you know, we couldn't buy the lot next door to us since they were asking an outrageous amount...I passed by the lot just before getting to our house. I saw that they had a sign out with their company name on it and contact info (let's call them builder C). Sigh...

Now the lot on the other side of us had been bought by a builder (aka builder T) before we moved in, so we knew we wouldn't have a chance at buying that piece of land either...

I round the corner to get to my house and lo and behold...where did all the trees go? And now my neighbor is a huge blue dumpster. Oh yeah, Builder T has started to clear the land...deforestation is what I call it. It looks strangely naked. And I can see to the end of the cul-de-sac now. It looks very different that what it looked like this morning.

So I go inside and let the dogs out to the backyard. I'm eavesdropping completely. There is one guy (builder?) with a contracter with a huge yellow Catepillar like land clearer, but built by Deere. They are downhill from the street, and on the border of our lot as well (we have more land behind our back fence..we assume that the old owners only had a certain allowance for the fence, and didn't have enough to cover the entire lot). I hear something about pushing everything better not put their shit on our land...we'll be policing that heavily. Because that's what it seemed like he was saying. I was outside at the moment when this conversation was going on, so maybe he'll be more careful about it. Don't want any pissed of neighbors who a homebuilder, right?

Belle stared to howl at the guys (it'll be an everyday occurence, I'm sure). I did a 'friendly' wave to the guys....

Trees...alot are gone....The buzzing of the chainsaws is going on right now as is the thundering sound of the Deere moving, clearing...From our office window (second story), I can now see our street (which was previously covered by foliage), and I can also see many many miles south of us to a neighborhood on a hill in Lakeway, where they stripped the land of every tree so now there are gigantic houses on it. That view was also covered by foliage. It is an extremely strange view. I liked the trees.

Well, we'll have to figure out the lot lines for sure, and do some creative landscaping. We'll have to see how it goes, where exactly they build the house. I think it'll be pretty close to us based on what their clearing out and the lay of the land. Sean and I have been down there to inspect it to figure out how they'd build on that lot.

Well, all I can hope for is that they builders don't keep early hours (which most do...), that they keep their trash to themselves, and that in the end, we get cool neighbors on both sides, that is. And if we don't, we're going to be weird. And believe me, I can be a weird neighbor :p

On a side note, Builder C is currently building a house in the neighborhood. They're working on the foundation as of today. So we're thinking they probably schedule them out one at a time or something like that, so they don't have too much invested and oversaturate the market. That's my guess, at least. So we'll see how that house goes. Maybe they'll have bad luck and they won't be able to sell it and then they won't build next door to us (at least yet, I'm sure it will happen eventually seeing that they had a 'home designer' consulting on it already). Is it awful of me to wish bad karma upon them? I didn't want neighbors so fast...but I guess the honeymoon is over!!!

Ah well...I'll post some pictures a bit later...maybe when the worker is gone. Bye bye trees!


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