Monday, August 27, 2007

Oops! I did it again...

Twisted my ankle wakeboarding, that is!

About a year ago, I twisted my ankle behind the boat when I went for a wake jump, landed badly, and my right foot came out of my binding, my left foot stayed in, and the board spun around with my foot still attached. I ended up doing physical therapy for a few weeks, and that took me out of doing any sports for about a month or so.

Well yesterday, I decided to try something new at TSR (the cable park). I had been hitting the booter kicker (curved ramp that throws you up in the air) a lot, trying backrolls (kind of like cartwheels in the air), and have had no problem trying them...landing is another yesterday, I got ballsy and decided to try a tantrum (backflip). My friend Devin told me to open my chest up/throw my head back. So I said..okay..I'll try it!...

Well, I tried it alright! I hit the kicker, and what felt like minutes...I was just staring at the sky..and that's all I slow motion, it felt like I was saying in my head, "ooooooohhhhh sssshhhhhiiiitttt!!! I'mmmm nooootttt roootaaaattttinnnggg" Then boom! I land in the water. It happens so fast, really, but you know that feeling that something's not going right. When I landed, my right foot flew out of my binding, and my left foot stayed, the board twisted around torquing my foot sideways and backwards. In the water, I instantly grabbed for the board to turn it the right way, loosened the laces, and took my foot out.

It hurt so badly at that moment that I was in a bit of shock and couldn't swim. I stayed floating for a few moments, then gathered my wits together and scurried to the shore like a dog with 3 legs. I got out of the wasn't too bad. I walked on..discovered that it wasn't too bad. So I kept on riding. I couldn't give in so soon.

It didn't hit me until last night, when I had a slight swelling to my ankle. Then it was getting sore. Walking up the stairs was fine. Walking down the stairs...a true bitch!

I was hoping that I would wake up this morning and it would pass. But you know what they say...It gets worse before it gets better. Yup, I woke up hobbling a bit. At least I can still walk (somewhat). So I headed on to Walgreens and bought a brace and ace bandage.

Work today was pretty non-productive. Between trying to prop my foot up on a footstool under my workbench, keeping the ice on it, and hitting my forehead on my bench pin (ouch!) while adjusting the was quite an uncomfortable way to work. I did get some stuff done..I set a .32 ct round ruby in a 14kt gold ring, which I'm proud of. Stone setting is not my forte. But it was something I could sit at my bench and do -- usually I'm running all over the shop from one station to another...that wasn't happening today! Tomorrow, I'll task myself with setting an oval citrine and 2 teeny diamonds in a ring, so that'll keep me busy...

This evening, I came home, turned on the tele, and propped my foot up on the back of the couch, laid down, and watched tv. And as of now, the was worse than it was this morning...

Hopefully I didn't do too much damage and it gets better (soon!). I don't want to do PT this time around since it's really expensive and takes a lot of time out of work. Instead, I think I'm going to opt for nursing my ankle back to strength by wakeskating when I am able to. It makes me work on my balance (we did that in PT), and I won't be strapped in so much less risk to hurting my ankle again.

But I'm not really bummed about it. I mean, I am, but at least I was doing something fun when I injured it. If say I tripped and then I would be pissed!


Blogger Dixie said...

See, I would be more likely to step in a hole and twist my ankle so you are way cooler than me. :)

Hope you feel better soon!

5:09 AM  
Blogger marisa said...

hehe. I would probably do the same at some point in time. ;)

Luckily, it's getting better now. Able to walk more normally. The swelling is starting to go down. I have great range of motion when I flex my foot up and down. Side to side is where I have problems. But it's doing much better than I expected :)

5:46 PM  

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