Thursday, August 23, 2007

If you can't buy the rich people out...

...plant (clumping) bamboo???

So we really searched hard into all the options we had to buying out the lot next door for a whoping $65k...and it was really impossible. Really, the impossible part was getting the funding in such a fast manner. We looked at loans for buying land, and they are short term -- 2-5 years, and require a high percentage down. That and our backend(?) ratio (Sean did the research) was to the point where we may or may not get approved, mostly because of our mortgage on our other house.

It's been a lesson to made me realize exactly how *little* I make. Seriously. I usually don't discuss pay, but since I'm on the subject...last year, I made significantly less than $20k. Pretty sad. I didn't really have a problem with it, until now when I'm actually trying to save, and it's going by so slowly. Such is the life of an artisan...labor of love? Luckily, Sean does well enough to keep us afloat!

A lot of things come to mind...and I am burnt out at work, for various reasons. I'm trying to hold out at work to after x-mas season. But we'll see. Today was my 3 year anniversary there. And I feel like I haven't actually created jewelry (really, designed jewelry) since I started. Polishing, sanding, and doing the blah boring dirty work gets old.

I think, once we're a little more settled, I'm going to try to start a small jewelry line. I need to get back into it. And see how it goes...

But I digress..back to the original topic. We thought of various ways to be annoying neighbors and things like that. Really, I am bitter because I wanted that land but Mr. Moneybanks got there first. Oh well, what can you do. We could be the weird quirky neighbors that no one wants to live by. Get some plates from Goodwill, throw them at each other in the backyard, and have mock yelling and cursing fights. Send our beagle out in the backyard whenever they're having an open house (she is a howler and won't shut up if someone is out there). And then send the other dogs, who may join in the barking, and start yelling at the dogs (gee, that's really annoying, right?). We'll have to be creative with that. Is it obvious that we don't want neighbors ;)

And of course, we've already thought of creative landscaping. Since our back deck is elevated, we see multiple lots over. We'll see all their business, and they'll see all of ours. We're thinking...clumping bamboo. I know I know, we've heard all about bamboo and bamboo haters. But desperation for *tall* walls...besides, clumping bamboo is the non-invasive kind. And I actually like bamboo. A renewable resource and great for crafting.

Just some ideas, but we're thinking of bamboo or trees on the sides of our fence (maybe both left and right sides since we'll have builders on both sides??), some creative shrubbery towards the front of the house. I'm thining xeriscaping something pretty, something flowery, and that attracts butterflies and/or hummingbirds.

We'll have to figure out our lot lines and see where our fence is in regards to the lot lines, and if we want to plant the bamboo inside our outside of our fence. I want to do vines up trellises along the fence next year.

Well, I guess we're not 100% set on bamboo. It's just an idea as something that grows tall and fast (it was the first thing to come to mind). We also want to check out some fast growing trees that may do the trick as well. It's a bad time to do any planting in the heat of the summer anyways, so it gives us time to think about what to do and survey the options...


Blogger Dixie said...

I heart my (clumping) bamboo! I check on it every day and love to watch it grow. I want much more some day!

1:34 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

I should add: I can point you to a spot on Enfield Rd. where a house has planted what I believe is the same species of bamboo that we planted, but theirs is probably a few years old now and it looks really nice if you want some comparison for how it could grow.

I am sorry you could not buy the land. :(

1:37 PM  
Blogger marisa said...

So good to hear from a bamboo lover! We'll have to figure it all out, research some more, and then probably will plan to plant something next spring.

8:44 PM  
Blogger textile_fetish said...

Gee Marisa, with you and Sean's tendencies toward backyard, x-games-like activities. . . .Yeah! put the fear of Bam (um, Margera) in them.

And a little clumping bamboo might not hurt either.

4:09 PM  
Blogger marisa said...

Haha! We could put a zipline from the deck to the bottom of the yard ;)

5:24 PM  

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