Saturday, August 18, 2007

Creative Spaces

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting the settled in the new house. A huge effort has gone into setting our home office up. Basically, our office consists of Sean's little corner; my drafting table, paper/supply storage, jewelry bench, computer table, and sewing table. The closet is full of crafting supplies.

At the old house, I had two rooms dedicated to my crafting/office, since I could not fit it all in one room. It is nice and convenient to have it all in one place (except for the fact that my fabric stash is downstairs in our master bedroom closet...more exercise!).

What I love the most is the view. There are 3 windows in the office. Two are where I put my drafting table -- a great thing for inspiration. It's a beautiful view -- trees, the street beyond the trees, and the next hill over (we can see cars on 620, about 2 miles away).

View from my drafting table

Sunsets and lightning storms are the best to watch. I can't actually see the sun set from my window since it is north facing, but I can see the sky light up orange, pink, and purple. We can see the storms (which there have been waaaay too many of lately!) roll in, lighting a few miles away.

Now back to the office...I have been steadily unpacking boxes and filling shelves and cabinets. I want to get my jewelry bench and sewing table back in order. I feel that I am in dire need of inspiration and creativity. Work has drained me since I have no creativity there....there are only so many ring sizings you can do before you get really bored...I haven't created jewelry of my own in so long. Years, actually. It has taken its toll. And I need to create again...soon...

Earlier in the week, I had started to cut out pictures of jewelry pieces that I liked. I wanted to make a bulletin board. Two nights ago, I had cut out more pictures. And I desperately wanted a bulletin board for my inspiration, to be hung above my bench. An idea popped into my head...I went downstairs to our garage, picked up a canvas covered with fabric (it was decoration at the old house), got some nails, then headed back upstairs.

I flipped the canvas to the backside, then marked about every 1/2 inch down the short sides. I took my nails and hammered the marks. Sean was playing World of Warcraft and chatting on the microphone. I'm sure I annoyed the hell out of him...but he knows that I do have loud hobbies...the price we pay for sharing an office. I found some cheap yarn in my stash, tied one end to one nail, and proceeded to string from nail to nail, going over the front of the canvas -- creating somewhat parallel lines of yarn across the canvas. It worked out great. Cheap..heck, a free project, and so functional!

My creative spaces are coming along very least my drafting/drawing/jewelry areas, that is. Here's the progress as of today...

Jewelry bench, paper and supply storage, drafting table

Jewelry bench with homemade bulletin board

We ended up going to Ikea this morning and bought some more organizational things. I got a short Billy to put next to one of the big ones behind my computer table. And stocked up on photo boxes and magazine boxes as well. We also went to the old house and took the Ikea Lack wall shelves out to use in our office as well. If you couldn't tell already, our office is extremely Ikea-ized!


Blogger Natalie Tischler said...

Your creative space is looking great! I am so excited to see what you do.

We have the same jewelers bench but maybe you already told me that?! Your's looks much nicer than mine. I got it used and someone really burned the hell out of the top of it.

Anyway, good luck with your new creative endeavors, looks like you've set up a great space for it!

Oh and P.S. James plays WOW all the time too! heh!

9:37 AM  

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