Sunday, July 22, 2007

Moving, painting at two houses, many miles between...

If you haven't heard from me lately, it's because I've been busy out the wazoo. We officially moved into our new home on June 20th. We had 45 days straight of rain as well, which made moving a real bitch! We would move what we could in our cars, leaving the big furniture at the old house. And with the houses being 22 miles apart..that meant at least an hour worth of driving with each trip...still not entirely done moving, but only have little things here and there.

Boxes all packed up at the old house

We're planning to rent the old house. But since it took us a while to get our furniture, we decided to paint the new house. It took us a few years to start painting in the old we figure we could go ahead and get it done and over with in the new house. Plus, there were some dog and food stains that desperately needed to be covered up. The entire house is the original off-white flat color -- boring!!!

First meal in the new house...couldn't find anything else to eat :p

I based the color scheme in the downstairs common areas on the tile backsplash in the kitchen. I wanted earthy tones...yet colors. Nothing too vibrant, but yet colorful just as well. For the living room, I picked Ground Nutmeg from Behr. It's pretty much a burnt orange color. I liked the contrast against the greenery of the outdoors, especially since we have so many windows.

For the kitchen, I chose Grapevine (kind of like army green) for the kitchen, and then Autumn Harvest (earthy darker yellow) for the dining room.

It took forever to paint the rooms...a few weeks to be exact. 1 coat of primer and 2-3 coats of paint. Not to mention all the time taping and whatnot. Needless to say, painting is a pain in the arse!

I'll eventually post before and after pictures..once everything is in place and fully decorated, that is. That'll take a while. But for now, enjoy the before pictures!

Dining Room


Living Room

Downstairs Half Bathroom



Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Master bathroom

Upstairs office

Upstairs bathroom

Guest bedroom

So you see, I when I said everything was off-white..I meant it!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fireworks on the horizon

As you know, yesterday was July the 4th. Both Sean and I had the day off, so we were planning to do some more moving. The weather (if I haven't said it already) has been utter crap -- 44 days of rain according to the news stations! And so it must be..whenever we move into a new place, it rains..and rains..and rains!

We've been at the new place for 2 weeks now, and my how time flies! Over the days, we've been painting, fixing, painting, A/C problems that the previous owners' A/C guys did a half ass job on even though it was under our contract to get fixed (that's another story in itself, but finally fixed by Sean...), painting, taping..yeah, you get the picture!

We've already managed to spend boocoo bucks on a new sofa from Ikea, a new TV, and tons of paint. Living room, dining room, and kitchen are painted (yay!), and the bedroom needs one more coat. For now, we're sleeping on a bunch of blankets (thank god for a Thermarest!) in the living room. We wanted to get the bed last night, but the thought of a potentially wet mattress was unappealing.

Needless to say, we have been non-stop with the new house. It rained during the day yesterday, then eased up towards the early evening. We chanced it out..hoping that our 3 hour window across a 22 mile drive would be dry. We drove back to the old house, avoiding driving over *ahem* the unsupervised children in the middle of the street, while the parents (who seemed to multiply over the 2 weeks we've been gone) drank beer in their driveway. Don't get me wrong..I like's some parents (especially on our street) that bug me!

We brought back a few tables and some other random things as well. We left Leander around dusk. A few people had lit fireworks for our commuting pleasure. By the time we got to around the 620 and Comanche Trail? area, it was pitch black outside. And then I saw something so something you would see out of a movie...

We crested a hill near Lake Travis, and we could see the entire horizon for a few moments. How many miles out we could see..I don't know. But you could see fireworks displays across the span of the horizon -- some were onesies, and some were city firework, and there, and there! It was so amazing. I could not stop smiling.

We drove through our neighborhood and saw tons of fireworks going off. We are in an area where fireworks are legal to shoot off...

We ditched unloading the truck to enjoy the fireworks. We went upstairs to our (soon to be) office, stepped out of the window and climbed onto the garage roof, and from there, climbed up the pitch of the second story roof. Now I love climbing and all, but I like being attached to a rope or having a crash pad, so this was completely out of my element...but so worth it...

Being that our house is pretty much at a high point on a hill, we could pretty much see all around us, 360 views. Fireworks everywhere, surround sound. We saw Lakeways fireworks, Steiner Ranch's fireworks, neighborhood fireworks, and we even think Austin's fireworks (although they were a good 20-25 miles away). We sat up on the point of our roof until our butts got numb. Besides our wedding fireworks (nothing tops that because it was the occasion), that was the best fireworks viewing I'd ever had. It completely inspires me to add a 3rd story observation deck to my crazy multi-level deck plans for the future (if we can afford it, that is!).

I am loving the new place more and more...but with the new place comes the old place...we really need to get everything out and get the old house fixed up by the end of this month (which is creeping up fast!). The sooner we can rent it out, the less double mortgages we'll have to run. Our first payment on the new house starts in then will come the double payments. It seriously needs to stop raining so that we can move the rest of our stuff!!!