Friday, May 18, 2007

Moving to Lakeway!!!

Sean went with the inspector today to check out the house. They found the problem with the A/C -- something like a duct fell from its connection in the all the cold air was blowing in the attic and not the house. The charge to fix it would be minimal -- about $100 or whatever the minimum charge is (maybe $250?).

All of the other things the inspector found were so minor -- 3 damaged shingles on the roof, which looked like happened when the house was being built (like someone dropped something on it), the fold out ladder going to the attic -- the bottom rungs were held on by deck screws, which were not up to code and may break easily (easily replaceable)...and that was pretty much it!

The house got flying colors all over. He ran the shower, faucet, and tub, and said that the water pressure was awesome. Ran the dishwasher a cycle -- Sean said it was much quieter than our current dishwasher. And checked out the water softener that the owners had put in. The inspector said that it was a really expensive water softener.

So it's a go! We'll see if the owners can get someone to fix the A/C and ladder...A/C, especially.

We finally started getting really excited about the house now, since we now know it's in excellent condition. I have my visions of building a 2 story deck. And Sean said that there is a window that leads to the roof of the garage -- that we could even put a deck out there (the thought of drunken sunsets from the roof sound..dangerous!). Well, the deck idea will wait a while..maybe a year or something like that we can recover and get used to the higher mortgage payments and whatnot. But I talked to Sean about if we could do it sooner in the life of us living in the house, so that we could enjoy it..rather than say saving 5 years, doing it in 5 years, then end up moving again 2 years after I'm all about the deck. He's hesitant, but agrees that it would be a good thing to do.

Since we still have a little less than a month till close, that gives us time to pack up things, downsize, and maybe have a garage sale or something like that. I'll be downsizing my fabric stash, as hard as it is to do...but I brought home so many silks and batiks from Thailand...out with the old, in with the new!

Life is good...


Anonymous caro said...

Wow! Sounds like a real winner. How exciting!
It'll be great for you guys to be so close to the lake too. Right on!

9:02 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Congratulations! Buying a new home is really exciting. I hope you'll come visit us in our new home too.

World Unfurled

9:42 PM  

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