Saturday, May 19, 2007

All of a sudden, I feel *really* old...

On our way home from TSR today, Sean and I decided to stop for Greek food at Tino's Greek Cafe at 183 and Anderson Mill.  It was early for dinner, so it was pretty quiet.  The cashier was a really nice and chatty high school girl with a green Westlake High tee-shirt on.  We chatted with her...she asked if we had just come from the lake (Lake Travis is not too far from there), but we explained that we were wakeboarding in New Braunfels.  She was all about the hanging out on the rocks on Travis and getting a tan and watching the boys jump off the cliffs.  And I always like talking to makes people smile and helps their day at work go by...

We ate our yummy Greek food.  Then when we were done, we were heading to the door to walk out, and said bye to our friendly cashier.  Then all of a sudden, with a big grin on her face, she threw up a sideways peace sign and said something I couldn't understand.  We walk out of the restaurant to the car, and Sean asked, "What does 'dueces' mean?"  So we figure she said 'dueces'.  We think that she thought we must have been about half of our age...cause neither of us knew the lingo.

Dueces...I joked with Sean that I needed to look it up on Urban  So that's what I did when we got home..and for sure, it was there!

Dueces - when someone holds up two fingers symbolizing "peace" when leaving an establishment, "deuces" is often said.

So now I'm wondering where on earth this term and hand signal originated from.  I google, "dueces peace sign", and I find a lot of "chunk the duece" references...

Chunk the duece - Throwing a peace sign sideways in the air, originally coined in H-town [Houston];

to chunk a deuce comes from houston texas it means while ur swangin wen someone rolls up beside u put up the deuce and holla "wut it do baby"

i was ridin down the street swangin and my homeboi rolled up beside me so i had to chunk a deuce

I don't even know what to say about the second definition of chunk a deuce...swangin? wut it do baby?  wtf???

So apparently, the more I'm learning about chunking a deuce, I'm learning that it's rap lingo.  I found an article from the Houston Press that talks about Houston rap lingo...looks like I'm behind the times since I didn't recognize any of those terms.  Well, I feel really educated now!

I had to tell Sean funny.  We laughed about it and realized..damn...we know we look really young (any day we pass for high schoolers)..but wow, so much lingo we've never heard of...

*chunks a deuce*


Blogger textile_fetish said...

OK, first off you are FROM H-town! Secondly, what was that term you used for your car that *I* had to look up on Urban Dictionary?? Thirdly, she totally might have thought y'all were half your ages!

11:00 AM  
Blogger marisa said...

You crack me up! 'Hooptie' was the word. I haven't lived in H-town in 5 years, I guess it's out of me!

4:08 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

That's hilarious! We sometimes call Chibi "Li'l Deuce" b/c she does #2 on the carpet.

6:17 PM  

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