Monday, May 21, 2007

BBQ with Bobby Flay

Well...not's the story

Last night, Sean and I met Sarah and May up for dinner at the Salt Lick BBQ. May's roommate, Chuck, works there, so we had the hook ups and sat in his section. There was a long table behind ours, empty, and ready to be set up. A boot with fresh flowers in it was on each end. Chuck said that Bobby Flay was going to come eat there, and that was his table.

Luckily, we got there before Bobby Flay's (of Iron Chef and other food TV shows) entourage did. We were amid chowing down on the yummy BBQ, and sure enough, Bobby Flay and a whole entourage of people came and sat down at those tables. Funny thing is that if Chuck hadn't told us it was Bobby Flay, I wouldn't have even recognized him. He just looks like an ordinary guy (I know someone who kind of looks like him as a matter of fact). The owner's son? greeted the table, shook hands..there was a lot of hand shaking going on...and they got their meat and chowed down.

Well, I *love* the Salt Lick and think it's the best BBQ I've ever had...and if Bobby Flay is eating there, then it must be good, right?

Sean had a caffeine headache, so he went back to the car to take a nap. But the rest of us ended up spliting a few blackberry cobblers to end the meal...yum!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

All of a sudden, I feel *really* old...

On our way home from TSR today, Sean and I decided to stop for Greek food at Tino's Greek Cafe at 183 and Anderson Mill.  It was early for dinner, so it was pretty quiet.  The cashier was a really nice and chatty high school girl with a green Westlake High tee-shirt on.  We chatted with her...she asked if we had just come from the lake (Lake Travis is not too far from there), but we explained that we were wakeboarding in New Braunfels.  She was all about the hanging out on the rocks on Travis and getting a tan and watching the boys jump off the cliffs.  And I always like talking to makes people smile and helps their day at work go by...

We ate our yummy Greek food.  Then when we were done, we were heading to the door to walk out, and said bye to our friendly cashier.  Then all of a sudden, with a big grin on her face, she threw up a sideways peace sign and said something I couldn't understand.  We walk out of the restaurant to the car, and Sean asked, "What does 'dueces' mean?"  So we figure she said 'dueces'.  We think that she thought we must have been about half of our age...cause neither of us knew the lingo.

Dueces...I joked with Sean that I needed to look it up on Urban  So that's what I did when we got home..and for sure, it was there!

Dueces - when someone holds up two fingers symbolizing "peace" when leaving an establishment, "deuces" is often said.

So now I'm wondering where on earth this term and hand signal originated from.  I google, "dueces peace sign", and I find a lot of "chunk the duece" references...

Chunk the duece - Throwing a peace sign sideways in the air, originally coined in H-town [Houston];

to chunk a deuce comes from houston texas it means while ur swangin wen someone rolls up beside u put up the deuce and holla "wut it do baby"

i was ridin down the street swangin and my homeboi rolled up beside me so i had to chunk a deuce

I don't even know what to say about the second definition of chunk a deuce...swangin? wut it do baby?  wtf???

So apparently, the more I'm learning about chunking a deuce, I'm learning that it's rap lingo.  I found an article from the Houston Press that talks about Houston rap lingo...looks like I'm behind the times since I didn't recognize any of those terms.  Well, I feel really educated now!

I had to tell Sean funny.  We laughed about it and realized..damn...we know we look really young (any day we pass for high schoolers)..but wow, so much lingo we've never heard of...

*chunks a deuce*

Friday, May 18, 2007

Moving to Lakeway!!!

Sean went with the inspector today to check out the house. They found the problem with the A/C -- something like a duct fell from its connection in the all the cold air was blowing in the attic and not the house. The charge to fix it would be minimal -- about $100 or whatever the minimum charge is (maybe $250?).

All of the other things the inspector found were so minor -- 3 damaged shingles on the roof, which looked like happened when the house was being built (like someone dropped something on it), the fold out ladder going to the attic -- the bottom rungs were held on by deck screws, which were not up to code and may break easily (easily replaceable)...and that was pretty much it!

The house got flying colors all over. He ran the shower, faucet, and tub, and said that the water pressure was awesome. Ran the dishwasher a cycle -- Sean said it was much quieter than our current dishwasher. And checked out the water softener that the owners had put in. The inspector said that it was a really expensive water softener.

So it's a go! We'll see if the owners can get someone to fix the A/C and ladder...A/C, especially.

We finally started getting really excited about the house now, since we now know it's in excellent condition. I have my visions of building a 2 story deck. And Sean said that there is a window that leads to the roof of the garage -- that we could even put a deck out there (the thought of drunken sunsets from the roof sound..dangerous!). Well, the deck idea will wait a while..maybe a year or something like that we can recover and get used to the higher mortgage payments and whatnot. But I talked to Sean about if we could do it sooner in the life of us living in the house, so that we could enjoy it..rather than say saving 5 years, doing it in 5 years, then end up moving again 2 years after I'm all about the deck. He's hesitant, but agrees that it would be a good thing to do.

Since we still have a little less than a month till close, that gives us time to pack up things, downsize, and maybe have a garage sale or something like that. I'll be downsizing my fabric stash, as hard as it is to do...but I brought home so many silks and batiks from Thailand...out with the old, in with the new!

Life is good...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Moving to Lakeway???

So a few weekends ago, we randomly went for a drive through two neighborhoods off of Lake Austin. We were on the hunt for some land...maybe with a trailer on it -- a weekend home, if you might say, near the lake. We immediately eliminated the first area, since it is too pricey for us, then headed to the second area. We picked up flyer after flyer, and found properties facing the lake for sale from $700,000 and up. Yeah, we're not rich...

The land hunt became a full-fledged house hunt. It's so strange how it all evolved..and it all happened so quickly...

Long story short, we looked at 7 houses. The first one we really liked was supposed to be on two lots, as the 1 week old flyer advertised..but our dreams were shot down when it was only 1 lot, and the septic was on the other lot that had already been bought by a neighbor..meaning an instant $20,000+ for improvements. Then the lot became really small...we nixed that one.

We ended up really liking one house. Right now, there are still people living in it. We toured it once, talked to the guy and had him show us around. Then we went back and toured it again with Sean's parents -- they've bought/deconstructed/reconstructed so many houses, so they know what to look for.

We put an offer on the house last week, counteroffered, then counteroffered the counteroffer. Our offer was accepted on May 12th. I dropped off the checks for the earnest money and option money on the 14th, and the ball is rolling. Inspection is tomorrow morning. Sean's going to go to it, since it will take a while, and I'm sure my boss would be pissed if I took any more time off.

Our main concern with the inspection is the A/C. It's a 2 story house, was set for 68 and didn't feel like 68 inside. Plus, they have window units in every bedroom. There's something wrong with that picture. But then again, the air filters look like they've never been changed since they were completely black. We'll have our inspector check it out to see what's going on with that.

Some details on the was built in 2003, is 2 story with 1588 square feet and sits on a half acre lot. It's newer, but smaller than our current house..we can deal with the space issue and a downsize is in order!

Here are some pictures...

Nice and woodsy

Small dining area

Master bathroom

Living room...Sean's grandfather looked bored...

Kitchen...small kitchen, but we don't cook much. Fridge is included...score!

Bedroom upstairs..which would become our office...and I have grand visions of building a second story deck off of this room!!!

Back of house, small back deck -- I want to expand the deck

The backyard is sloped quite crazily...lower deck and terracing ideas!

View from the back deck

As we were putting the offer down on the house, we soon began to realize how we need to get out of the ex-urbs (thanks, Alyssa for the terminology!) of Leander. We're currently in a cookie cutter house, in a cookie cutter neighborhood. Our house looks like the house down the street, which looks like the house 2 doors down...yeah, you get it. A great first home, don't get me wrong. And it's a nice house...

We came home, 2 days in a row, to toys sprawled all over the entrance of our street, with the neighbors hanging out on their driveway in their lawnchairs, not giving a damn about picking up their kid's toys. Sean had already driven through, with toys in the street, some half hour before I got there. I managed to avoid running over 2 plastic fat baseball bats, a few balls, and a trike. I mean, come on people...the kids were not even playing..pick up your shit!!! I don't mind the kids, really, but the parents...I mean, I know we're on a cul-de-sac..but other people do live there! The two days in a row this happened...we were like..oh my god, we need to get the hell out of this baby-factory neighborhood as quickly as possible!!! You see, our neighbors down the road just had a baby, and have become instant friends with their neighbors who have 2 kids, and the unfriendly bible thumpers across the street. A ton of kids in the neighborhood..people either have them, are pregnant, or are trying to have them. Yeah. Seriously, not really the neighborhood that fits our lifestyle.

So we think it's a good idea...get away from ex-urbia and the children factory..get into a community with lake access (yeah!), hills and scenary, and holy hell, a half acre lot with a view! Yeah, it's time...hopefully the inspection goes well tomorrow and we take the house. We're on option time, which means that we have 6 more days to back out for any reason at all...let's cross our fingers so that we can get out of Leander!!!