Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Uncommon Threads - Mad About Aprons viewing

Yesterday I had the day off due to an ice day. It was quite nice. I had already TiVo'd the Mad About Aprons episode for the day. I waited to watch after it had completely recorded. For one, I was waiting to see what the weather did and if I would have to go into work...

It was a bit weird seeing myself on TV at first. But then it was no problem. I noticed that I tend to smile a lot (even in normal life, people tell me I smile all the time). And on camera, because my skin is so dark, it makes my teeth and eyeballs glow white. It's kind of crazy...sometimes creepy because my teeth are *SO* white!!! It reminded me of that Friends episode where Ross gets his teeth whitened, but they're glaring white, then he goes on the date with that chick, ends up at her place, they turn off the lights except for that she has blacklights..which make his teeth glow even more...

Overall, I think we all did well. I'm not so nervous about seeing the other episodes now ;)

Here are some pictures from on TV...

Discussing the apron I'm wearing

Jennifer and me -- I'm getting ready to sew

My sewing skills

Caro, me, Allison, Jennifer

Caro and me...my name on the big screen!

Allison and Jennifer putting on their matching craft aprons


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