Sunday, January 07, 2007

I've got the Cedar fever blues...

Every year that I live in Leander...every just pure misery, hell on earth for about 2 months. I'm highly allergic to the cedar trees (juniper asheii) that densely populate the land behind my backyard and the land all around. If only I had known that I was this allergic to cedar *before* moving to cedar land...litterally, I'm a town away from "Cedar Park".

So lately, it's been bad. The pollen count today...well, there are two pollen counts that I look at. One is read in Georgetown, which moreso reflects the kind of landscape I live in -- country, lots of cedar trees, on limestone, etc. And then there's the Austin reading. I don't know where the read it, probably around downtown or south. Cedar trees are much less down there.

Today's count...(per cubic meter)

And it was damn windy, too, which means all those damn pollens are blowing around everywhere. What did I do today? I didn't even leave the house. I didn't even step outside.

Austin's reading was about 2800, which is still damn high. I start having reactions when the pollen is in the low count, but damn...

Since I was officially diagnosed with having asthma (allergy induced and exercise induced) this year, I've started taking puffs from my inhaler. I held off until cedar season. But I've taken a few puffs these past few days. It's amazing, it works pretty quickly. It doesn't help with my allergy symptoms themselves, but it helps me breath, meaning after I take the puff, I'm not as short of breath for a while (with allergies, I feel like I'm breathing at 13,000 ft).

This just sucks...


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