Monday, January 15, 2007

First freeze of the year

Well today, we had our first freeze of the year. I woke up to a phone call at 7am from my boss. He said that he would wait till 11 am to make the verdict. I crawled back in bed after the call.

I woke up around 10 am and had a look outside. There were small icicles on the trees. The driveway and street were wet, but not frozen. The backyard is where I saw the most evidence of the freeze. The orange Home Depot bucket that had collected rain water over the past few days had a thin layer of ice on top of it. The lawnmower, trash can, and roof had icicles growing from them. The BBQ grill and the trampoline were completely frozen. I was so tempted to get up on the trampoline and slide around..but being that it's only a 6 ft need to break my back, huh?

The coldest I saw the temperature gauge was 27.3 degrees (we're actually two towns north of Austin in the country, so it gets colder up here). The highest I saw was at 30 degrees, while Austin city was a good 3-5 degrees warmer.

There were a few multi-car accidents on 183 due to the ice this morning. That told me...hell, I'm not going to work. So I called my boss after 11am and told him that I wasn't coming in. One of my coworkers had made it. My boss sounded upset, abrupt, but hey, I'm not risking my life for my job. I mean, there should be no 'jewelry emergency' that warrants risking people's safety...

I didn't do much today, just computer stuff, play with the dogs, watch TV...the weather is supposed to make a turn for the worse tonight with temperatures dipping down to 24 in Leander (27 in Austin) -- with some more sleet and maybe snow. I don't mind though, the last snow we had was Valentine's day 2004, so it's about time again...


Blogger textile_fetish said...

I have pictures from that snow! I think schools are closed here and all over so another day home with the children. Yay! The ice outside seemed to make all magical for them.

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