Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day 2 of the freeze in central Texas, and I can't complain =) I stayed home from work today, again with good reason. I think last night, Austin got the brunt of the precipitation, so things seem far worse in Austin than in Leander. I haven't ventured about town to know. But our driveway and yards were frozen, so that was indication enough for me that it would be a mess on the roads.

Today, I got more adventurous with the ice. I mean, there's only so much you can do, so you might as well test the limits, right?

Well, today, I got on the frozen trampoline very carefully. I stayed low, then both Bonnie and Shadow jumped up on it. I thought..well, if these dogs can get up here, then it should be okay. Shadow slipped a few times, which was quite comical. I jumped on the trampoline and ended up breaking all of the ice into pieces. The pups loved it, because they love eating ice. It was like a buffet to them. It was hard to make them leave the ice buffet.

I wanted to play, so I grabbed the handle and practiced switch 360 spins. At first, I was a bit leary with all of the ice on the tramp...but then realized that since it was all broken up, it wasn't too big of a deal.

Home Depot bucket revisited

Being stuck at home with nowhere to go will make you either go crazy or go play outside. For me, I played outside. I got the wakeskate out and put it to the test on ice (wakeskating on ice? wackyboarding? what would you call this 'sport'?). First, being the chicken that I am, I did it in our sideyard. Sean soon came out and had a run on the driveway.

We had three scenarios going on -- a quick jaunt down our neighbor's hill that goes to our side yard with a bomb drop (run with the board, drop it, jump on it); sliding on the frozen hose; and sliding down the driveway with a few shove-its (you spin the board as you jump, then land on the board) and even a few body varials (you spin, board stays in place, you land on it) as well. It was really fun and wore us out pretty well. It proved to be a harder workout than expected. I think the neighbor kids were jealous since all they had was a piece of cardboard and a large tupperware lid...

Sean wanted to dress up in his finest wakeboard gear...

My first run on the driveway -- kinda scary, but I got better with practice

Using the frozen hose as a slider

Down the neighbor's hill

Bomb drop

We started on the driveway by a small jog and jump onto the board


Another shove

Starting line



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