Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This wedding planning is tiring!!!

So been doing a bit of wedding planning tonight, for the past 3 hours. I say it's tiring, and I'm not even doing 1/4 of the work that a bride in America would do!!! What can I say, I'm lazy when it comes to planning. I'm actually so anti-planning, so it makes this so much harder to do for me.

Things are coming into place though -- Sean wired the deposit money over and I'm getting together info packets for my guests, which I'll send out soon...hopefully sending them in the mail next week.

The guestlist will be approximately 20 people from the US, England, the Netherlands, and Thailand.

I've decided, as we're on our wedding/honeymoon trip, we should splurge while we're in Chiang Mai. I'm going to go for the "VIP Room" with satellite TV, fridge, river view, private bath, western toilet, hot water (if you have not travelled in the non-western have no idea how important 'hot water' is!!!). This room will cost all of..oh...$13 USD a night! Normally, if it were just me travelling, I would opt for the "Standard Room" with a private bath, western toilet, hot water, fan cooled -- for $8 USD a night. But we'll splurge this time :D

Hopefully this weekend, I'll have a better idea of our scheduling. We're wanting to invite our guests to do some activities with us, so I have to figure out some fun activities and whatnot.


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