Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stitch 2006

Stitch was a blast. Just a brief summary because I have a lot of sewing to there early to get the awesome goodie bags. Hung out with Jennifer and her daughter Chloe, Dixie and Clint, Lisa, and Kara. And also visited my friends who were vendors at the show -- Natalie of Ornamental Things, Sarah and Shea of Maneki, and Donna of Otter Otto.

I did a little bit of shopping, but kept it to a minimal. I actually didn't do too bad...a bar of soap from Feto Soap and a few t-shirts from SuperMaggie. Some of the booths were swarmed with people, so it was hard to look at times. But that gives me more money to spend and Blue Genie...

The fashion show was pretty neat. Interesting designs. The fact that I know how to sew puts it into perspective. I really appreciate the talent out there -- the design, tailoring, etc. It's pretty amazing what a person can do.

Wanna see Stitch pics? I've posted them on my flickr account: Stitch pictures


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