Thursday, November 30, 2006

Allergy shots!

I went into my allergist today to start my series of allergy shots. It's not something I'm looking forward to, but I at least have to give it a try. Hopefully it works for me.

Since I'm allergic to practically everything except for mold, I had to have 3 different serums mixed. 3 serums = 3 injections each time. And for the first 5 months, I have to go 2x a week. That means, for the first 5 months, 120 injections!!!

First, I took a breath test. You blow in a tube as hard as you can to measure your airflow. It was about 400 all 3 times pre-injection. Then they jabbed me in my left arm. Then twice in my right. Luckily, it was not as painful as I had anticipated. I think the travel vaccines and having my blood drawn so much lately have tempered my pain tolerance! Needless to say...I think I can handle this.

The nurse then gave me a timer that was set to 30 minutes. I waited in the lobby, read a book, till the timer went off. I re-did the breathing test. The first reading was 350. I was like..crap, that's a difference! Then I did it again and it was 450. They said I was free to go, since the 450 was a good number.

I'm sticking with a Monday and Thursday injection schedule. And crossing my fingers that all these pricks add up to something positive! ;)


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