Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Diagnosis: Hashimoto's disease

I went to an Endocrinologist yesterday, after waiting a few months to get an appointment for my goiter problems.  I had my blood drawn on Friday, so that they would have the results for the Endocrinologist.  And damn did that woman stab me bad!!!

Anyways, long story short, my doc confirmed that I have the autoimmune disorder known as Hashimoto's Disease.  The diagnosis came about due to what they found in one of my blood tests -- my Thyroid Peroxidase AB (TPO Ab) antibodies test came back in the out of range area.  The normal or expected range is under 35 IU/ML; however, mine came back as 107 IU/ML, which threw the red flag.

Luckily for now, my hormone levels are normal though.  Although my TPO Ab is high, it hasn't started to affect my thyroid hormone production yet.  My thyroxine (T4) levels read 1.28 NG/DL on 8/8/06 and 1.41 NG/DL on 10/7/06 (my normal range is from 0.73 to 1.95 NG/DL).  My TSH levels read 1.1 UIU/ML on 8/8/06 and 0.9 UIU/ML on 10/7/06 (my normal range is 0.3 to 5.1 UIU/ML).

What this means for me...yes, I have Hashimoto's, but it's too early to treat it.  It'll be most likely a lifetime? of blood tests and doctor's visits.  I go back to do another blood test and to see the endocrinologist in 6 months, in April.  I assume we'll do it all over again (blood test, check levels, consult) until my hormone levels change dramatically to where I'll need medication.  Nothing really bad to worry about, just a part of the inevitable 'getting older'. 

Well, it's a good thing that I don't want children because, according to the statistics, I have a 4 times greater risk than a non-Hashimoto's woman for miscarriage during the second trimester; or if carried to full term, there is a higher risk of birth defects (intellectual and developmental problems, cleft palate, brain and kidney problems in infants).  Yup, I'll gladly leave the birthing to the healthy people :p  And if the relatives bug me to have children..well, now I have a valid excuse and can play the Hashimoto's card ;)


Blogger corntastico said...

Oh man, that is crazy! I looked at the site, but wasn't too clear on how else this is going to effcet you other than the child-bearing issues...

7:19 PM  
Blogger marisa said...

very crazy! I think it'll just be hormone treatment in the end. I'm not sure if I feel the symptoms or not...or if it's 'getting older', or I'm overthinking it, though. I'll have to wait and see.

8:37 PM  
Blogger bizzzibee said...


This is not "getting older". It's a very serious disease that needs to be addressed. I have Graves Disease and my son (17) was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's (named after the doctor who discovered it). This is so much for you to learn....and first is that just because your levels are showing up normal, doesn't mean that you don't need treatment...NOW. Please read up and learn as much as you can about your disease. I suggest starting with a book called..."What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism" by Ken Blanchard. So far, this seems to be the most infomative book about hypothyroid I've come across (there aren't many out there). You might want to start seeking out an endocrinologist that has a sub-specialty in thyroid disorders. Check out Mary Shomon's web-site and support group on (google it and you should find it quickly (

Please keep this in mind...there is no need to suffer without medication. Getting this under control with a good doctor may help you to have children as well.

I wish you the best of luck!

4:03 PM  
Blogger marisa said...

thanks for the info, bizzzibee! I'm going to check out the book. I've been wondering about alternative medicine or diet changes, and there isn't much info online about that. I appreciate the advice :)

7:08 PM  
OpenID dearthyroid said...


I just came across your blog and saw this entry on Hashimoto's. I have Hashimoto's myself and am always scouring the internet for other patients. How are you doing with it? Is treatment going well? I was diagnosed two years ago. Since then I've gotten into holistic and natural lifestyle choices, which have helped tremendously.

I also write a nutrition column for the website, where patients like you and I write to our thyroids for catharsis and community. Please come check us out! It's great to know there are others like us and can understand!!

Liz :)

12:26 PM  

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