Friday, September 08, 2006

The great midwest roadtrip -- departing Saturday morn

Time for another little Volvo roadtrip! Sean and I packed our gear and my car up tonight. We'll head on our trip Sat morning. The goal is to get to Columbus, Ohio on the eve of the 14th. We'll spend a long weekend in Columbus for his cousin's rehearsal dinner, wedding, and family time. We just hope we won't get so much heat having Texas plates. Why you ask? Well, today is a HUGE game...number 1 Ohio State U is playing number 2 U Texas. We're leaving our burnt orange at home so that we don't get lynched there (OSU is in Columbus, and ironically, Sean was born at the OSU hospital, that overlooks the football stadium).

We kind of have the route up to Columbus planned. It's a loose plan, though. We're planning to head up to Horseshoe Canyon near Jasper, Arkansas, for some rock climbing. We haven't climbed in a few months, so we're rusty. We'll stick to the 5.7 to 5.9's. Maybe Sean will be adventurous and go for a 5.10 of some sort. We'll see...

Sept 9 - Sat AM - leave Austin

PM - arrive Horseshoe Canyon (Jasper, AR) - camp Steele Creek?

Sept 10 - HSC

Sept 11 - HSC

Sept 12 - Tues AM - leave HSC

PM - arrive Hermitage, TN

Sept 13 - Wed AM - Hermitage

PM - arrive Mammoth Cave NP, KY

Sept 14 - Thurs AM - leave Mammoth Cave NP

PM - arrive Columbus, OH

After we leave Columbus, it's an open book from there. We thought about going up to Canada, but I think we're leaning against it because it's so much further out of the way. One thing for sure, on the way back, we'll most likely stop over at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky for a few days to do some more climbing there.

It'll be a cheap trip -- a lot of camping along the way and a few stopovers at friends places as well. But regardless, it should be fun. We packed the car full. And I mean full, especially since we're bringing the Mad Pad -- our rock climbing crash pad -- with us. I told Sean that I couldn't carry him out if he broke an ankle...

Lots o'gear and provisions!!

Won't have internet access for another two weeks, so will see ya when I get back!!! :)


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Are you almost back yet?! I want to hear how it went!

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