Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wakeboard camp was awesome!

Just a brief update since I haven't in a while...been busy busting butt..will post about that later...

Anyways, wakeboard camp at the Projects in Orlando was awesome!!! Pat Panakos aka Project Pat was our teacher. By the end of the week, the new tricks I had learned were ollie 180s, ollie 180 over rollers, did one ollie backside 180, backside surface 180s (before, I could only do a backside 360), front lip board slide (?) on the rail, and a manual (although I don't quite have it yet...was learning it, though).

I really wanted to concentrate on breaking old bad habits, like the way I ride. I was finally getting the hang of it, correct body positioning and correct posture. It felt so much better than the way I had been riding before (a bit hunched over).

Needless to say, after day 1, I was tired...after day 5...oh man, I was pretty much dead! But I'd do it again...maybe next year ;)

We got to watch some pros ride as well. The ones that we saw were Pat Panakos, Scott Byerly, Ryan Doyle, Rob Jacques, Jeff Weatherall, Brett Eisenhauer, Collin Harrington, and a few other Aussies. It was pretty neat to see them ride and hit the rails, especially with the lake level being low (high ollies up to the Relentless and Performance rails).

Anyways, I've loaded some pictures on my flickr account. Still have a ton more to load but have been keeping busy with my upcoming trip to Burbank, CA next week...


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