Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Trip to Burbank: Uncommon Threads Filming Day 1

We had an early start on the 10th. Vince was to pick us up early in the morning and bring us to the studios. We pretty much brought all of our luggage, so that our wardrobe could be selected. Snacks, aka Craft Service, were set out so that we could munch throughout the day. We were shown our Dressing Room, then met up with Lorelei, the segment producer, and Joy, who was taking over Nichelle's job as associate producer. We also met with Allison Whitlock, the host of Uncommon Threads.

Our dressing room

Jane picked out our general wardrobe for the episodes. Colors work the best, but not really light colors such as yellows, since they tend to wash out. Whites and blacks are best left at home, for the most part. Jane used what we were wearing to pick out Allison's wardrobe.

In the morning, we rehearsed for the Crafty Helpers episode (DUCT217). Jennifer had her craft apron and Caro had her craft bucket. We ran through the scripts and rehearsal with Lorelei and the new guy, Dave. The scripts were very loose and could be ad libbed. I pretty much sat out and watched, since my project was not specifically in this episode.

Lorelei, Jennifer, and Caro reharsing

They had completely reformatted the show from last year, and things were changing on the fly. None of us were quite prepared for what we had in store. Plus, they had been taping for only a week, so they were finding kinks and trying their best to work them out. The problem that Jennifer and I ran into was lack of extra fabric. I had cut out many extra step outs, just in case. But the program changed to where we would be cutting fabric out on camera. Basically, doing the majority of the project on camera, from start to finish. Step outs came into play when there was a long, repetitive process. Jennifer and I had difficult to find fabrics -- Jennifer's being a specific flame print and mine being a Kerry Beary designer fabric with retro cats, which I bought at Hancock ages ago. Vince ran to the various fabric stores to try to find them, but had no luck.

We had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and watch Nex Generation, the group that was doing an episode before us. The Nex Generation group composed of Amie Hirtes of NexStitch, Drew Emborsky aka The Crochet Dude, and Pam Gillette of Knotty Generation.

The set

After watching Nex Generation, we got 'camera ready', which meant getting dressed and having a bit of touch up of makeup and hair by Suzy, the makeup artist.

Me getting primped for the camera -- Photo by Jennifer

We went into the studio, got mic'ed, and prepped. Our first shoot was with Allison demonstrating a Crafty Helper of her own -- a crochet pincushion bracelet. It went well, and didn't seem any bit akward having the cameras around either.

Me getting mic'ed...yes, he's digging in my pants! :p Pic by Jennifer

After that segment, we had a break for lunch. In order for us to not mess up our clothes, Jane gave us some interesting coveralls to wear that made me feel like we were at a beauty parlor. I got the "Barbarella" of coveralls, which was clear vinyl with pockets. We met Amie, Pam, and Drew; ate like ravenous pigs (we were all hungry); and shot the breeze for a while.

Me, Caro, and Jennifer in our lovely coveralls

Then it was back to work. It was decided that Jennifer's crafty apron would be filmed tomorrow in an 'apron' episode (replacing the "Pretty pretty patchwork" episode). So our second shoot of the day was all Caro, with her craft bucket. We filmed at the sewing table. Jennifer and I sat at the side of the table. I played a key role as the ironer..hehe. Caro did an awesome job with her episode, especially for a project that was quite involved. In the end, as a side, we showcased Jennifer's craft aprons as a 'crafty helper'.

Caro rehearsing on set

We finished filming for the day and then rehearsed for the next day's shootings -- "Old Cover, New Trick", and the Aprons show. My checkbook cover got the cut, since I didn't have extra fabric on hand. Not a big deal -- they would be showcased in the show in the end. Instead, Jennifer offered up the suggestion that I take over her paperback book cover and demo it on TV, since she was doing the entire aprons show. I had no qualms about it. We rehearsed for all the shows, which took quite a while to do, and were all starving at the end of the day.

Lorelei and me rehearsing the paperback book cover -- note that's "Vagabonding" by Rolf Potts that I'm rehearsing with ;)

Vince dropped us back off at the Holiday Inn. We veged for a bit, then met for dinner and headed back to the Gordon Biersch. I was actually feeling quite bad, I think from dehydration, so I took it easy with a light salad and water (no beer for me!). I finally felt better in the end. Then we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.


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Is this all from memory or did you take notes, because that was good!

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all from memory! you know, I did have to think about it for a while! ;)

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