Thursday, August 24, 2006

Trip to Burbank: Uncommon Threads filming day 2

Wow, I'm such a lazy blogger! :p  Well, I'll start where I left off...if the memory serves me right!

We had an early start on Day 2 -- we were the first to film and the last to film -- 2 episodes for the day.  We did a brief run through in the morn on the set.  First up was me -- I was demonstrating Jennifer's paperback book cover.  During the rehearsal, I kept on messing up and forgetting steps and the order of steps.  Nothing major, but it was bugging me.

Since I'm so short, Allison took off her shoes so that she wouldn't appear to be an Amazon woman (she is tall, though!).  All in all, the demo went well.  The paperback book cover is a simple project, so it wasn't that difficult to pick up to demo.  Next, Caro demo'ed her CD case out of a hardback book cover.  Then it was show and tell.  Since my checkbook cover project got cut out, I ended up showing them in the show and tell instead.  (I'm being brief because I've already forgotten the details!!).  That episode is called Old Cover, New Trick -- everything went spectacular with that shoot.

We broke for lunch.  Had quite a long break in between, so we hung out, chit chatted, and talked up a storm with Jane, the wardrobe lady, who was a hoot.  She is so spunky and hilarious. 

We changed, then waited until Nes Generation was done with their episode, then headed on to do the apron show.  This one was all Jennifer.  First, we rehearsed, then headed on into the craft apron demo.



<center>Caro, me, Allison, Jennifer rehearsing (pic courtesy of Caro)</center>

Again, a spectacular performance.  Next was the patchwork apron, which we all had a part in.  I did the sewing.  They had me stand on a box to sew, so that 1) you could see me and 2) Allison wouldn't look like an Amazon.  The patchwork apron segment ran long, since we were late to start.  It was Friday, and the cameramen just wanted to go home.  We did a few reshoots of a few things, and every time we did, a big grunt came from various cameramen. 

We finished up and were headed out a bit past 7pm.  Lorelei dropped us off at the Holiday Inn.  We vegged for a bit before meeting up for dinner.

I enjoyed a nice California sunset from my window.  Pollution sometimes makes the sunsets more vivid...



Jennifer, Caro, and I met up and went to sushi for dinner.  We were free.  All the built up anxiety and stress...gone.  Ahhhh...


<center>One dollar bills all over the sushi restaurant's wall</center>

We wandered around town for the rest of the night, hitting up a candy store and a cute shop on the way.  Admiring the scenary of a Burbank Friday night...




Blogger textile_fetish said...

Lorelei drove us to the hotel at the end of day one of filming (day two was her birthday). I think she was holding a plate of cupcakes and and I was totally holding her up from her party, thinking we were standing there for Vince to pull up in the car. Der! I love all the photos you took from your window. You're right. If I'd made it up to your room I'd have tricked you into getting me a coke and never let you back in - ha!

4:15 PM  
Blogger marisa said...

You're so right! Now, those two days are such a blur to me.

You know, they gave me two keys to that room ;)

9:03 PM  

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