Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Trip to Burbank - day 1

Well, I've been home for a few days now and am all recouped from the trip to Burbank. Finally getting back to normal...no more step outs to do! And now I have some time to blog about the trip...I'll start from the beginning for those of you who missed some old entries...

Jennifer of Textile Fetish, Caro of Split Yarn, and I were accepted to film three episodes of Uncommon Threads out in Burbank, CA. We had been working on our projects for over 2 months solid. And finally, everything has come and gone...

We arrived in Burbank on Aug 9, Wed early afternoon. There were some technical difficulties in the luggage claim at the Bob Hope (yes, Bob Hope!) Airport, so we had to wait around for a while.

Jennifer and Caro at the Bob Hope Airport

We were to be picked up by Vince, who would meet us in the baggage claim, holding up a sign saying "Austin Glitterati", and who was also driving a silver Audi A4. We went outside...no Vince...went inside...no Vince...went back outside...no Vince...oh wait...there's a silver car driving up with some guy holding a flimsy piece of paper with some words written on it that we can't quite see until...ah, it says "Uncommon Threads", like he just scribbled it as he was driving. That was our ride.

Vince loading the car

Caro was the point of contact since she had her cell on. We were to meet at the studio around 4pm for rehearsal originally, but then they were running late, so they pushed for a later rehearsal that was to be determined.

We got to the lovely Holiday Inn, but arrived too early to check in. Instead, we left our luggage with the concierge and then headed to Gordon Biersch, a brewpub and restaurant just across the street, for lunch. We noticed pretty quickly that there are many aspiring actors out in this area. Our waiter, a young, bright smiled guy with curly hair, hailed from Virginia.

After lunch, we headed back to the 'Inn' and stood behind three ladies at the concierge desk. Judging from their nifty purses and their look, they had to be fellow crafters. Caro inquired. We met Dharia of Skeintily Clad, Sarah of 3 Cat Nite, and Dayna of Crafty Scientist. All three women were part of a larger group called the Artisan Women of Worcester in MA. They were really cool and all smiles. We set up a dinner date with them, as we had a million questions to ask them.

Our rehearsal was cancelled, so we decided to romp around town for a bit. Burbank is not very big at all. We headed down the main strip, San Fernando Blvd, explored the movie theatre area and climbed the stairs to the top. Felt kind of like that Rocky scene.

Seeing stars (in the posters) -- Jennifer, Caro, me (pic by Jennifer)

We romped around a bit more, passed by the Cartoon Network building, then headed back to the hotel to veg until dinner time.

We met up with Dharia and Sarah in Caro's room. Dayna was pretty zonked, so she called it a night early. We headed back to the main strip and went to Market City Caffe and went for a table outdoors, since the California night was so nice and cool. A funny story is that the girls at the table next to us jumped up all of a sudden. They told us that they saw a rat. We were all taken aback, purses picked up from the floor, and I kept my feet up. But we decided to stay there after a few minutes of apprehension. Nikki, Dharia's friend, joined us later.

Dinner was great! Dharia and Sarah filled us in as to what to expect, to expect the unexpected, and whatnot. They were talking 100 miles a minute, with huge smiles. They said that we would smile till our cheeks hurt. I'm so glad that we met these ladies. It put me at ease a lot. I really didn't know what to expect at all. But to have a real life statement of what goes on from a non-Hollywood person helped so much. A lot of my anxiety went away with that dinner. Not to mention Dharia, Sarah, and Nikki are really cool, too. We had so much fun just chatting it up. It makes me realize that there is a whole new world out there...the crafters, women with their out businesses. It was very inspiring to meet Dharia and Sarah. Being surrounded by this made me really want to push to doing my own thing...something that I've been putting off for a few years...

Sarah, Caro, me, Dharia, Jennifer (pic by Caro)


Blogger Sarah Brueck Stallings said...

Awww - that was so nice!
It was awesome meeting you guys too - I'm glad we were able to squeeze in a dinner!

3:19 PM  
Blogger marisa said...

definitely glad we had dinner together! you guys are awesome and so inspiring :)

7:27 PM  

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