Sunday, July 09, 2006

15 minutes of fame (or maybe 5 minutes?)

So a few posts ago, I spoke briefly about making a television appearance. Well, finally, I have a moment to spare to blog about it!

The short version...I, along with Jenny of Textile Fetish and Caro of splityarn are going to be on a show called Uncommon Threads on the DIY network.

And the long version...I guess I'll start the story from the beginning...

Jenny had contacted me a while back ago, because she was contacted by someone from the show. They saw her site and liked the things that she had made. The gist of the show is that they are trying to find a crafty group and get 3 of the members together for the show to do their own projects as well as a group project.

We had to do a bit of paperwork and revisions to projects, and ad-hoc brainstorming of projects to submit to the producers. But we got the in. They only ended up picking one of my projects...which I thought at first..damn, they didn't like my cool ideas..but now I'm like..hey, I can be lazy ;) Jenny had definitely been on top of things. And we've all found out that this has kept us busier than expected!

I had to revise my project, since they said it was too complicated (ie. too long), so I cut it down. I did some of my step-outs (steps they show on the TV that are already done, because it takes too much time to do while pinning) last week, but will have to make more. Luckily, I have some time to work on that and other samples as well. I should have it down pat by the time we go!

We got our flight info recently, so we'll be flying to Burbank from Aug 9 - 12th..woohoo! They're putting us up on a hotel as well and feeding us some. With 4 days, I'm sure we'll have some downtime to explore a bit. I've only been to LAX with $6 to my name, so it'll be a first for me to explore LA and the regions. We'll have fun.

We have a hint of what to expect since one of the girls from PDX Super Crafty has blogged about their experience on the show.

We don't know when it will air quite yet...maybe sometime next year?

But anyways, if you want to see my talent and diy skills, check out my DIY set on flickr. I've got plenty more projects I've done, just haven't taken pics of them...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Isn't *GOITER* something an old person has?

Well, last week, I decided to be good and take care of my health. It's been ages..say about 16 years since I've had a complete physical. And I don't think I've ever had bloodwork done. Seeing that I'm nearing 30...I think it's about time. Make sure everything is in good working condition...

My doctor checked my neck and said that my left thyroid felt enlarged, so late last week, I went to a radiologist to have my neck goo'ed up and sonogrammed. I'm trying to think positive about it, not making a big deal, and trying not to think the worst.

I couldn't bear with googling 'enlarged thyroid', so Sean did instead. He said it could be many things, but nothing huge to worry about. I highly doubt I have thyroid cancer. I mean, I can't rule it out...but I'm sure the probability of me having thyroid cancer at this time in life...I'd probably have better odds of winning the lottery. So I've been taking it as it comes...

Today, my doctor's office called my work. My heart fluttered before picking up the phone...wondering if it was bad news...

Well, along with my physical and bloodwork, I got my annual girlie exam done, too. It's been a few years since I've done that. So the doc's office said that I came back with an abnormal pap...fark. What else can be wrong? Anyways, I'm like..what the hell does that mean? Well, the lady on the other end of the phone said that it's really nothing to worry about, just to re-do it in 2 months time to see how the results come back again. She also said that she's had abnormal paps, and it's more common than one would think. Phew.

We start talking, and she asks me if I've seen Dr. soandso, the endocrinologist. I'm like..huh? I tell her I never got the referral. So I ask if they got the results from the radiologist. She doesn't say much other than they put a referral for an Endocrinologist in my folder. She'd push the paperwork through faster since I never got the referral myself.

Endocrinologist...endocrinology..."is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the endocrine system and its specific secretions called hormones". I might have a hormone imbalance...hey, maybe I can start blaming stuff on my hormone!

Well, because there was a referral, it makes me wonder if something really *is* wrong with me. So I've been researching more, and I don't really have any other symptoms of either hypo- or hyper- thyroidism...for now, it remains a mystery. If anything, I'd be more likely to have hyper-thyroidism, by just looking at the symptoms..but I can't exactly get rid of the chub around my belly, so the weight loss as a symptom is a no. I have a GOITER. I always associated that word with old people. No, not old as in 30, but old as in 70+ *lol*

My curiosity is peaked at what kind of tests the endocrinologist will have me run through. The Mayo Clinic has nice info on goiter on their website. Some of the screening and diagnosis tests painful...

A thyroid scan. During a thyroid scan, you'll have a radioactive isotope injected into the vein on the inside of your elbow. You then lie on a table with your head stretched backward while a special camera produces an image of your thyroid on a computer screen. The time needed for the procedure may vary, depending on how long it takes the isotope to reach your thyroid gland. Thyroid scans give your doctor information about the nature of the thyroid enlargement and the function of the gland.

Well, we'll see what happens with the next doc visits...

I guess this is a lesson to everyone out there...take care of your health!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ah..finally back to blogger!

Well, since my computer crashed, I've forgotten all my usernames and passwords, so I haven't updated this thing in a loooong time! Anyways, I have added some more recent entries in my myspace blog, which is usually a mirror of this one. But since I just got my password back (laziness, what can I say?) can see what's been going on in my life at my myspace blog. I'm too lazy to transfer the info over :p