Saturday, May 13, 2006

Turning tricks

We had an early morning today...woke up around 5:30 am, drove down to the docks to meet Kevin at the boat at around 6:30 am. Oh, the crazy things you'll do to get nice water. We went to pick up Stef, Karen, and Chris at Walsh Landing, fueled up, then hit the water.

I was the third person to go. The water was nice..not too horribly cold. Sean took my huge ass fins off last night, so my board would be really skaty. That worked out fine, since I wanted to practice surface tricks today. I had Kevin slow the boat down so that I took a slapper to the water, it wouldn't hurt as badly.

I got up, tested the finless board, went behind the boat, practiced bouncing to build up my ollie skills. I was all over the place at first. Did a few little (miniscule) ollies behind the boat. I got a few surface 180's, but since I suck at riding switch...I'd switch back pretty quickly or fall in. So I came up switch once, and rode that way for a little bit. It was like learning all over again, the akwardness, learning how to stand and position yourself. I got the hang of it for a bit, then did another surface 180 to return to regular.

Sean and I had watched some of the lessons of The Book, the wakeboarding instructional videos last night. I so wanted to do a backside surface 180, since I can ride cuffed...I've tried it before only to eat it bad. But I really wanted to get it down. So I went for it...well, I don't know if I can do a backside surface 180...but hell, I can do even better, a backside surface 360!!! Yup, that's right, I ended up doing a BS surface 360 instead. I did about 4 of those and didn't eat it. I felt golden. I stopped so that I wouldn't get all cocky and confident and eat it then I went back to practicing surface 180s and riding switch.

Everyone had one good run today before the water got shitty. I didn't go out a second time, since it was too choppy for me.

Sean and I stopped off at Sail and Ski this afternoon to pick up some goodies. I got a pair of Hyperlite 1.2" P Wing fins for my board. The stock fins are 1.7", and catch everything...which may have hampered my previous BS surface 180 attempts..maybe. So I'll try those new puppies out manana en la manana!

My trick list is building...(but that doesn't mean that I land em 100% percent!)
- adjust board shorts/ride one handed
- 1 wake jump - healside
- 1 wake jump - toeside
- touch the water
- ollie
- ride switch
- surface 180
- backside surface 360


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