Thursday, May 11, 2006

I wanted new clothes... I started's what I've made over the past few weeks...

Skirt 1 - Batik napkin short skirt

Pattern: modified version of New Look 6207 - E (shortened, changed waistband, added extra stitching)
Made out of two batik napkins (along with food stains!) I got from Savers. I added natural colored muslin to make up for the extra cloth I neede to make the skirt. I sewed muslin to the sides and bottom of the napkins, cut them to size, then sewed the skirt. I also used a strip of muslin for the waistband.

Skirt 2 - Swimsuit coverup skirt and bikini top

Pattern: New Look 6357 - B

Skirt 3 - Vintage duvet cover skirt

Pattern: New Look 6207 - E
I bought a vintage duvet cover from a local thrift shop for about $4 and turned it into this skirt. I added a natural colored muslin waistband and liner.

Skirt 4 - Pac-Man vintage bedsheet skirt

Skirt 5 - Thai silk skirt


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