Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wakeboarding - April 1, 2006

Part of me hates living in Texas. Part of me loves living in Texas. This is one of the reasons why I love living in Texas..well, in the Austin area, at least...

April 1st, it was warm enough to go wakeboarding. Actually, it was our 2nd trip into the water this year. Granted, Lake Austin, is pretty damn cold...we still went. The water temps were around 68-70. Still too cold for my blood, but trying to suck it up and get used to it, ditching the wetsuit...

This trip, it was just me, Sean, and Stef. Small crowd. But fun nevertheless. We went early in the day. The lake was pretty calm, boatwise, but a bit choppy because of the wind.

Here are some pics for entertainment value...

My warmup round

Stef waving to all the hotties on the shoreline

Who says white men can't jump?

Sean as the pilot

Besides the damn wind, it turned out to be a nice day

Sean always has an afro when wakeboarding


Sean's one wake heelside jump

My one wake heelside jump

Me riding in the cuffed position

Me practicing a handle pass to ride cuffed

No, I'm not making a face at the camera...I ripped my upper labial frenum open on a fall (I know, that sounds dirty!). It's the part that connects your gums and upper lip...this picture is post bloody teeth. Luckily, it stopped bleeding pretty fast.

Me, chillaxin' on the boat

Sean carving the water


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