Thursday, April 20, 2006

Update: Bonnie's test results, Belle's thyroid problems, and sinks!

We got Bonnie's test results from her growth on her foot, and phew, it's just a benign growth.  Now I can breath a *sigh* of relief for one of my pups.

However Belle's thyroid tests were not so positive.  Her levels are lower than what the doc wants it to be at, but not *too* low.  Not good, not horrible...

On the bright side, my boss gave me and Sean two bathroom sinks (Kohler 2211s).  It works out perfectly for us since we've ripped apart our bathroom and are in need of sinks, cabinets, and a countertop.  We can just build around the sinks.

We were kind of waiting a bit to spend the money, seeing that one of our dogs will be sick for the rest of her life, and one just went through surgery.  But since Bonnie's growth was not cancerous, I think we'll be in the clear to spend a bit of money on our bathroom (not to mention saving for our wedding next year as well).  Money money money.  See it go bye bye!


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