Friday, April 14, 2006

sick puppy :(

Bonnie went in for surgery this morning to have a growth removed from her back left paw. It started out as just a bump not too long ago, but has grown pretty fast over the past week. The doc said they couldn't diagnose what exactly it was, but it was just best to get it removed.

Sean took her in this morning and picked her up in the evening. I was already home, since I got out 45 minutes early for Good Friday. Poor thing had to wear an Elizabethan collar. She hates those things. We've had to use one on her for 3 or 4 separate incidences. She keeps on walking into walls, shelves, our legs, etc...with the E-collar on.

She was really groggy, still doped up. But she was walking on her bum foot. The wound looks pretty nasty -- they literally sliced her foot open, took the thing out, and stitched it up. It's still seeping and bleeding a bit.

When she's awake, she'll follow us around the house. We figured that it would be best for the both of us to stay home tonight to watch over her, so I sent Sean out to pick up some hot wings from Hooters. I had all 3 pups with me in the bedroom, so I could do some sewing. I was pretty eager to make myself clothes, since I had been sewing a lot for my friend's wedding. I had strewn pillows on the floor, so she could lay down, but she much preferred our bed and managed to get up on it despite the bum foot.

We're having to limit her eating/drinking today. She's really thirsty, since she was cut off last night as well. She looks so sad...

Okay..that one's funny, I couldn't stop laughing..she's drinking water...

Later on in the evening tonight, she started limping, so we gave her the pain medication. She's pretty passed out now, though.

But the sucky thing is..she's not the only sick dog...Belle has been sick since late summer of last year. She was diagnosed with Addison's disease, which is treatable (not curable) with medication every day + shots every 3 weeks. And more recently, we noticed that her hair was falling out, so Sean took her to the doc. And now she has hypothyroidism as well. That also is treatable (not curable) with medication every day. She's lost most of the hair on her chest and belly, which is kind of funny..a balding dog...but she's pretty healthy with the meds.


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