Saturday, April 15, 2006

New shirt -- pattern: New Look #6515

After all the sewing I did for Julie's wedding, I wanted to make something for myself. It's so gratifying to make stuff for yourself ;)

First, I picked out fabric -- a piece that I bought from the remnants bin from Joann's pretty recently. It is a little over a yard and was about $3. Then I pick out the pattern. I decided to try out New Look #6515. I scrounged a zipper from a pile that Natalie had given me (thanks, Natalie!!!).

New Look #6515

I shortened the pattern by 3 inches to accomodate my short torso. The pattern was rated as "easy", and it pretty much was. I cut the pieces out one night, then finished sewing in another night.

Front view (crappy photo)

Side view (along with a $5 denim skirt from the local thrift store)


Details - double stitching on collar


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