Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dumpster diving! :p

Funny thing happened to me at work today...

So yesterday, we had quite a large investment run. I use investment -- a plaster like substance used in lost wax casting for jewelry making -- to invest the waxes and flasks to put in the kiln overnight. I finished off the box yesterday. And without thinking twice, once I was done investing, I walked out the back door to throw the box out in the office complex dumpster.

Today, I open up the new box of investment, and get ready to start investing. But where is the metal scoop I use?!? That's when I realized that I had left it in the old cardbord box that I threw out yesterday.

I start laughing hysterically, but quietly, at the situation I've put myself into. I'm wondering if they've collected the garbage since yesterday. I tell Sarah about it..she's like..get Aaron to help you get it out (Aaron is like 6'7" tall). I'm still laughing about the situation.

Jon, the maintenance guy of the complex, and friend of ours, is talking with Charles up front. I'm like..damn it, I need Jon's help! I end up walking out to the dumpster on my own, don't see the box, but see a lot of nasty crap piled up. But there's hope that they didn't pick up the trash yesterday...

I motion Jon to come to the back of the shop with me. He soon ends his conversation with Charles. I enlisted Jon's help because...see..he is a true professional dumpster diver. He's always bringing us stuff he finds. He found Sarah a bike one time!

I tell Jon the story, I'm laughing about it still. Just can't help it. He said, oh, I saw that box in their yesterday (I think he goes dumpster diving every day...I'm still waiting for my free hat...lol!). Jon knows exactly where the box is, and how to get to it (it's kind of tucked in where you'll have to physically get it into the dumpster if it weren't for his ingenuity). He got a piece of plastic PVC piping that was behind the dumpster to move it so that he could reach in and get it. And sure enough, the metal scoop was there!!! Phew!

It was great comic relief for me towards the end of a really busy day.


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